Feb 1, 2013

My Favorite Stamping Websites

Good morning! Is Friday and the beginning of February...lovely!

Let me share with you today something different. There is always in me a desire to create. I assume that's just the way I am. I love the way my PK (Pastor Kristi) put it once. She said: "Go craft a blessing! "She was giving a study on blessings, but when she said THAT believe me she touched deep inside of me. That is exactly what I love to do. Everytime I sit to draw a sketch, organize my materials, look at pictures or make a card, a box, a quilt (that I miss making, none in the last 2 yrs) I am determine to craft a blessing.
While not everyday I am able to get my goodies out and ACTUALLY craft with my hands, I do craft blessings in many different ways. If you know me, you know!

Anyhow, often to relax I love to sit with my laptop and browse my favorite sites; and in doing so I am crafting also. I craft ideas, dreams and inspiration to then share them with you all. So I'll share a few with you today and will make it a point to keep sharing more later (wink).

These three are on my top list and I think will become yours too!
Check out this card on top...I cannot wait to try this myself. Go to Stampin'Up! BLOG. Did you even know they have one?
For the project above click HERE! I WILL try this very soon!

Then, go take a look at my friend's blog from Germany: Just Our Memories.

Tascha has such a unique style. Very different than mine I think, but then that's what I like the most. I visit her every day...thou we are miles and miles apart. She takes me to a different aspect of stamping, just elegant and at the same time clean and simple. Have a feast enjoying her art. :) And take a minute to leave her a comment. :)

Last but not least, take a peek...only a peek or you will be hooked for life, lol! at this awesome website for stampers: www.splitcoaststampers.com
To see the Stampin'Up! gallery on this site click HERE, so fun!
If you are eager to learn a new technique every day or just browse wonderful art from a ton of crafters you will love all the resources you can find in there. :)

That's it for today folks! Is just fun and pleasant to share a bit of me with you every day.

Did you go to any of the websites? Which one you like the best? Stamping websites are just sooo inspiring. Such a big world out there and so many like MEEE! Yes, I'm not the only one in love with stamps. Hehe! You are NOT alone either my friend.

Creative blessings are coming your way!

Jessica U.
PS: Stop by again tomorrow for a fun tutorial!


  1. Great post Jessica! I love the way you passionately express yourself and clearly so and are to the point! You are a blessing! I loved Tascha's blog, her work truly is wonderful! Thanks for the wealth of information, and for your sharing! Have a beautiful day!! xo Donna

  2. Oh my dear, thanks so much for introducing my blog. I feel so honored! and thanks for all the warm words and compliments. I am so greatful that we met through the web. So sad that we cannot meet in person yet but I am sure, one day we´ll be able to meet and hope to be stamping then with you together :o)
    Love you my friend! Take care of yourself and have a wonderful weekend

  3. I like Stampinpretty.com and Under a Cherry Tree (she uses a lot of electronic cutter techniques). But of course, my favorite site is- YOURS!

    Jessica A

  4. Jessica! Thanks for the websites. I loved Tascha's blog, really nice cards!!!! Keep up the good work, your blog is blossoming!!! I am loving Sundays!!


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