Feb 10, 2013

He makes beautiful things even under the snow

He makes beautiful things even through this...

For some weird reason times of struggle or crisis brings us back to fill an appointment we often miss.  The appointment with meditation.  We live such busy lives that stopping to see around us or just for the sake of looking tends to be forgotten.  I know my friends in the far East received a stop that no one likes or welcomes (Gee! So much snow at once). Things we can't control (bummer!) often throw us off.  I am South and have not seen snow in weeks, but another unwelcome storm came to visit.  The Flu :/
One thing I've been wanting to do for weeks, and now (sadly) in the midst of this situation I am doing for sure.  I am sitting.  I am holding my child without hurry.  I am watching my other 2 little chipmunks dance, walk wobbly, smile.  In the midst of this painful moment my dear Lord has given me strength to care for them, has gifted me with a DH who goes out to bring us a warm meal (to give this mommy a break) and the pleasure of just being here.  No pressure really to finish my Valentines today, don't think my daughter is going anywhere this week.  In bad times, remember to take time to reflect, give thanks to God, be alert and self controlled, so that you can pray- and stay in touch with the things of the Spirit.  I am thankful for times to reflect, I am thankful even if things are not perfect.  Believe me, my ducks are NOT all in a row, but I thank God for His faithfulness and strength.  Even in days like today I choose to be thankful. 
Stay strong my dear friend.  God has the best in store for you.  
Are you willing to trust?  
This morning while worshipping playing my keys this thought came to my heart:
Will you keep doing what is good even if you don't see immediate results?
My answer: I choose to trust Your beauty, even on days when all I see is ashes.  

"The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me,
your love Oh Lord endures forever".
Psalm 138:8

He makes beautiful things. He is making something beautiful in you, through you, with you.  Enjoy this amazing song and give thanks even while under the snow.  Even thou my ducks are NOT in a row, I choose today to be content.
Creative blessings are coming your way....from a Creative Loving God,
Jessica U


  1. Jessica, I know you speak of me when speaking of the tons of snow that dropped on us. We have 3' and our streets are still not plowed; such frustration. I don't see work or school in tomorrow's plan?!! This was such a crazy storm! Yet your ability to write so easily and meaningfully, is all I need! Your ability to express yourself and the word of God is beautiful! We do NOT take the moment to sit and be still, and now, we are filled with nothing else (although yest. I did make my valentines; ha ha)! I love reading every one of your words, you transport me. I appreciate and love you! Thank you for being such an amazing person, you are truly a gift of God to me. You and your family are richly blessed! I pray your little ones get better quickly. Thank you for a beautiful entry and your prayers and wishes! Stamping hugs, Donna

  2. Dear friend: I anticipate with great joy your Sunday posts because they speak to my soul EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. It must be also because I miss having you around speaking truth to my life so often like the good ol' times. Enjoy those sitting times!!! I love you


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