Aug 31, 2016

My Paper Pumpkin: New Adventures

Paper Pumpkin has captured my heart in a special way in this season.
I discovered everyone needs a bit of Paper Pumpkin.
Time to create, the simplicity of start stamping easy,
refreshing crafting moments, friendship, fellowship, celebrating others, 
lifting others up, creating with a purpose…

I believe the Lord is calling me to say YES to new adventures, with this post I want to share with you I have chosen to bring My Pumpkin Challenge to a close in view of new goals and a different journey I believe I need to follow. 
Starting My Paper Pumpkin Peeps filled my heart so beautiful this last Sunday. Seeing the ladies together, sharing, laughing, creating projects to bless others.
I want to thank you for following my trajectory in the last 3 1/2 years with My Pumpkin Challenge.

I will move forward even if afraid, believing what the Lord has for me next is great. Actually greater!
Please prayerfully consider joining the movement #LiftThemUpwithPaperPumpkin.


1.Use any of the Paper Pumpkin kits you own.

2.Make it and carry it with you to places! Be ready to bless!

3.Share love, share life with others.

4.Post a picture. Post a story. Of how you used Paper Pumpkin to Lift Up.

5. When you do add the hashtag #LiftThemUpwithPaperPumpkin

This is my heart: Craft with a purpose. 
Use your art to bring life and encouragement.
Defeat depression, defeat lies, defeat grief by letting others know how loved, accepted, cool they are.

Go for the waiter, the police officer on the corner, the bus driver, the mailman or woman, the post office clerk, share at the bank…on the train! Anywhere and bring words of LIFE into others lived.

We need to step up our crafting.
I love beauty….display His beauty through your hands. 

If you read my heart today would you comment below?
I encourage you to not feel pressured to do this, just to be inspired to make a difference. Share the journey!

Love you tons! Keep the Paper Pumpkin love going.
Have you any leftovers…go use them today to make a difference.
Hope you liked these cards made with my leftovers.

If you visit Paper Pumpkin Challenge today you will see a closing, but hey! STILL follow my friend's adventures. We will all keep creating with Paper Pumpkin and sharing creativity! 

If you have not try Paper Pumpkin yet, this is a great time to do so.
When  you subscribe on my website you will receive your second month for FREE! Each kit is $19.95 value plus tax. 

I recommend them for beginners and also experienced crafters.
Visit My Paper Pumpkin for more information here!

Today is the last day to order the Thoughtful Branches!

Jessica Urrutia

Aug 30, 2016

My Stampin' Updates: My Events

Hello my dear stampers!

I had such a beautiful day yesterday just going with the flow. It was actually better than going by my clock. Interesting concept I know. 

I got to do cleaning, decluttering too, I got to be with my kids and study history and writing together, we also color books and I watched them run their bikes. I enjoyed a full day without stressing because of the clock. 

No, I didn't get to stamp perse thou I LOVE when I squeeze stamping too. Hmmm…but I got to blog, have some Facebook business time and put my calendar for Fall events together. Yay!

My niche is definitely kits and making your stamping experience easier and rewarding.
I have some very interesting events coming and I just cannot wait. There is one for each of you! 
So, join me in one or in all. Stay connected, stamping TOGETHER is BETTER!

WITH THIS PHOTO I just want to share how fun it is to LEARN NEW THINGS!
When I received my July Paper Pumpkin I never thought it came with such a cool idea. 
That twine little broom type thingy, O dear! How do you call those.

Well, as you can see, this is not the colors from the kit but since I learned how to make them I tried one that could coordinate with my card. Celebrating others is part of what my business is about. I am exploring all that God wants for this ministry. 
Loved these pom-poms. 

Check THE VIDEO below to learn how to make them! Yippee!

Join me for stamping! Fall is coming. I am filling also my workshops calendar.
I am so excited to share so many blessings through home parties. Contact me to have your own party and bless and love your friends in a special way!

click to make bigger, save as a pdf and print! 

It is so good to share with you!

TOGETHER is BETTER….thanks to all those who shared pictures with me of your adventures in stamping. It blesses me so much.

Last but not least…On Stage! I will be joining thousands of Stampin'Up! demonstrators this coming November at our On Stage conference. Wanna join me? Join my team this month and let's do this TOGETHER! 

Spend quality time with those you love. 
It will make a lasting impact! My girls wanted to color with me, so 5 minutes turned into 10 and 10 into 15….ha! I spent a good chunk of time coloring. What a sweet blessing to my soul. Wonder WHOOO took this picture?? My little boy! :)
Yes, we were doing school in our backyard, on the grass….hihi! 

Have a beautiful day! 

Jessica Urrutia

Aug 29, 2016

Play is a necessity!

Good is not enough! Let's have a GREAT Monday.

I decided today I will go with the flow. I will tackle my morning chores, afternoon chores and evening chores with a smile and believe the BEST is yet to come.

Yesterday we had such a wonderful time at our Paper Pumpkin Peeps mtg playing. :)

We had a good turnout, everyone crafted, ate, chatted and encouraged each other. My type of meeting for sure. 

Check some pictures from this cool event and join me next time September 25th. Location revealed to those attending, Yay! 

Take time to PLAY this week, schedule if you need to to make it happen. I feel so energized this morning, so excited and grateful about life. I LOVE meeting with others to stamp and share ideas together. Thanks to all who made it! YOU are my blessings!

If you wonder what I LOVE doing….the answer is KITs. As my business evolves and my family grows together with the amount of hats I shuffle. Honestly I have fallen in love with the concept of kits. 

So my niche is definitely kits. My favorite is Paper Pumpkin kits for sure! 
These make my life so much easier. I have cards ready to send or give to those I wish to say hello or encourage. And this month's kit was amazing. Check our Bold Botanicals, beautiful

My Paper Pumpkin Peeps (subscribers and interested!) will be meeting with me once a month to create, inspire and share! That is Stampin'Up! Statement of the heart and I LOVE it! So blessed by these ladies!

Each kit comes with instructions which make the process of starting to stamp so much easier. From there if you want to tweak it or make it YOUR WAY, you can too!

My super wonderful friend Anna, got there with a mission:
Finish her whole kit so she could bless others and be READY! Can you tell she fulfilled that mission?

Everyone had fun and even those who thought were not in the creative crowd were crafty and happy this day!

So excited to share. I have been with Paper Pumpkin for 3+ years since they were born and I love and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Go to my personal Paper Pumpkin link and join by September 10th to receive September's kit.
Then October will be TOTALLY free! You deserve to play and be refreshed.

I firmly beliEve PLayiNG IS a NECssecitY! 
Don't you agree? :)



PD: Check the video below. You will fall in love with this! 


Aug 22, 2016

Sit and Enjoy your Monday!

Hello my dear stampers,

This was a memorable weekend. My friend and downline Beatriz V. and I organized a beautiful event that took place this last Saturday. Was called "Sit and Enjoy" Kit Class. 

I have learned to host ladies in my home -even my new home which is still not totally unpacked- and I am more blessed in doing it than they are. God was so good.

We stamped, we snack, we laughed so loud, we relaxed and all of us were blessed with affirmative words and reminders of how truly precious we are at the eyes of the Lord and how He calls us diligent, perseverant, powerful, encouragers, nurturer, healers, and more.

Everyone crafted using the wonderful kits Watercolor Wonder and O, Happy Day. Doorprizes were shared, but more than that love, unity and creativity.

Check for yourself below and set apart October 1st for our next event of Sit and Enjoy Life Kit Class.

You won't want to miss it. 

Some samples from the Watercolor Wonder Card Kit and my friend Bea and I.

Our tables were full of goodies and fun!

Some of the samples Bea and I created with O Happy day and Watercolor Wishes.

I so loved the smiles and creativity these beautiful friends brought to my house.

I want to be a giver. I want to be a giver.
I have met so many extravagant givers in my life, I want to give more.
Here practicing giving a super sweet set of cards as a door prize! :)

We had a special guest who brought so much laughter, and made us smile so big during our whole stamping time. We love you TITI JUANITA!!

My beautiful friend Bea was such a wonderful host, helping te ladies, and being so loving. I was in awe. All the ladies chose a word for her, an encourager! Indeed she was! 

We also had another guest, my sweet friend Lisa B. who so graciously came to minister rest to all my ladies with her blessed hands. My goodness, the best massage in my life. Thanks Lisa for your time and beautiful hands (and heart!). Love your smile! 

Swirly Bird stamp set was the displayed new set from the catalog. 
Everyone loved the cards made with this and My Paper Pumpkin too.
Will show you those ones on Wednesday! 

Many blessings and thanks to all who made this day such a memorable time! 

Creative Blessings,

Jessica Urrutia
Visit my store for more inspiration! 

Aug 17, 2016

STOP and STAMP with Paper Pumpkin

I truly love these kits so I have been posting for about 3 years every single Wednesday my Paper Pumpkin projects, unless of course I MOVE and my whole routine goes the hay way! 

I am having a wonderful event going on Sunday August 28th to simply stamp, chat and brainstorm beautiful ideas to share His love with others. This event is FREE!

I TOTALLY want to connect with you that day. Connect through email, text, Facebook or in person. I just want to team up together and do our kits.

Is not fair, such wonderful kits stay on the shelf WAITING for you to make them. Haha! Let's make the time to prepare.

For what?

Prepare to be a blessing!

When I fail to plan, I plan to fail. 

Let's join the movement #LiftThemUpwithPaperPumpkin

This was the last update from Stampin'Up! headquarters a couple of days ago. 
So much fun!

It is ok to STOP AND STAMP! 
Paper Pumpkin does that and more for you. 
It sparks your creativity and reminds you every month is time to stamp and bless!

This was the last kit we received and I have used it almost all. I shared with my precious jewels, my customers,  giving thanks and or celebrating them.


Offer Dates: August 11–October 10, 2016
Offer Details: When you visit my Paper Pumpkin website and use promo code “BOGO” , you’ll pay the regular price of $19.95 USD/$26.95 CAD and get the second month for FREE! 
So If you subscribe with the promo code between now and September 10, you will pay full price for the September kit and get the October kit free. If they subscribe between September 11 and October 10, your first kit will be the October kit and you will get the November kit free.

There is so much that can be done with Paper Pumpkin.
Keep an eye on what is coming soon at My Pumpkin Challenge! It will be goody good.

Creative Blessings,

Jessica Urrutia

Aug 16, 2016

My Stampin' Updates: TRY SOMETHING NEW!

Life goes so quick.

Between home, school, business and ministry my days are full of experiences. Full of precious moments and challenging too.

Make every day count. What would you do today to make this day count? 

I will definitely work toward my goals.

In a few minutes I plan to do a 30 minute run/walk to keep moving forward with my goals. 

Yes, I registered for  a 5K run. Wao! I always said I dislike running…hmmm….I have changed. 
I am not sure if I TOTALLY like it, but "Life only gives us challenges so that we may rise up to meet them " RIGHT!?

I am excited to try something new! 


A new food, a new meeting, a new friendship, a new route, a new ice cream flavor.

This year has been one of many new challenges and goals. Believe me I always considered myself non-competitive but….but….but…God is doing something in me different. Is placing a desire to grow, to grow stronger, wiser, better and to embrace His thoughts and His desires for me. 

So getting back to my STAMPIN' UPDATES!

Try something New!

1. Paper Pumpkin BOGO….gotta love it
#LiftthemupwithPaperPumpkin starts this month and I am so excited to share the stories.

 For those locally we will be meeting August 28th to make our kits together and brainstorm ways to make a difference by sharing them with totally unexpectant people.

Plus when you try Paper Pumpkin from now till September 10th you get the next month for free!

Visit my Paper Pumpkin site and enter BOGO on the Promotion Code. 

You will so enjoy the creativity that comes in this box for only 19.95 plus tax. (S/H already included!)

2. On Stage Event is coming soon. 
Are you joining me?
All demonstrators (even new ones that join today) can register for this fabulous inspiring event! 

So much to learn and so much to enjoy. This is an event I DONT WANT TO MISS. And if you are not local, there is an event close by to you! 

Check the video below!

3.Thoughtful Branches 

available only thru August here!

You can get the Bundle

or get only the stamp set!

4. Classes coming up! 
I am so super excited for this class. The heart of my business is definitely events. Definitely loving on those who come my way and making a difference in their lives one way or another. Yay! 

Check some of the cards we will be making this Saturday! 
This quarterly class is different! We will have stamping, massages, snacks, door prizes and even a comedian! 

Don't miss my next Stampin'Update every Tuesday! Subscribe to my blog posts on the right side bar and confirm your email. I love sharing my stampin'adventures with you!

Creative Blessings!

Jessica Urrutia
Love being your Stampin'Up! Independent Demonstrator

Come back tomorrow for some inspiration with My Paper Pumpkin, every Wednesday! 

Aug 15, 2016

The Art of Swapping Part 5: Sharing Mine

Last week I was a bit missing in action.

I think I underestimated the power of THE MESS. 

Yes, the mess formed after moving into a new home. :P

I need to make many decisions regarding things I do not need, but still occupy lots of space in my new home… still so much to do plus preparing for our new school year! Yay!

Is ok, the mess only means we are alive and well, being fruitful and moving forward, right? :)

Back to swaps here...
Swaps are all about sharing, really! I totally rejoice in receiving them and doing them. My Blessed Stampers team will be doing a swap soon with all the wonderful new stamps coming in the new Holiday Catalog. EeeK! 

Check one of the designs I created for the main catalog swap with the Sassy Stampers team from Colorado, US.

This is for sure one of my favorite stamp sets in the new catalog.

As you can see, when you make beauty, in the rocess you also make a mess.
This is an ORGANIZED mess thou, haha!
I first create my design, then cut all the CS and a materials needed.
Then I do an assembly line and go step by step. Makes it easy and quick! 


This sample shows many of the newest products like

Did you get to see my other Art of Swapping  posts?
(click below and be inspired!)

Part 1: Color Coordination
Part 2: Cool Sketches
Part 3: Cuteness

Part 4: Big Shot Power

I love blogging and stamping. Leave me your love with your comments below. It blesses me tons and lets me know you are there! 

Thanks again for stopping by my web place!

Jessica Urrutia
Love being your Stampin'Up! Independent Demonstrator


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