Jul 10, 2016

Sabbath: Jesus be Near to Me

Oh my heart aches just desiring to be closer to Him

How I need Him.

There is NO WAY I could do life without Him.

Our world goes through so much, simply because we have turned away from Him.

Please join me in a prayer of desperation for Him, to hunger for Jesus, for a desire to be near Him.

I know Him. His love is unfailing. The ways He communicates are amazing.

Please, trust Him. 

As you are on top of the mountain trust Him. When you are in the valley, remember, still trust Him. He WILL reveal Himself to you.

When you meet a God that walks with you unchanging, relentless, loving you and teaching you, disciplining you for better and bigger things. All I can do is offer my life as a living sacrifice. 

My life I give today to Him to do whatever He wishes. I will obey His lead, I will surrender, I will follow.

God revealed Himself to me in such special way this day words cannot express. He KNOWS me, He TRULY knows me. He TRULY cares for every single detail in my life. When I asked He heard me, and thou His answer was tough, His love is so enduring, so powerful, so breaking in a gentle amazing way.

I am simply in awe of a God who truly cares for you and me. He speaks through His Word, He still speaks through other people, He speaks through nature, through situations. He speaks through dreams…Oh how I love His personal touch. 

" His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by his own glory and goodness. " 2 Peter 1:3

Thanks Lord Jesus, for being TRULY my friend. 

For giving me dreams I couldn't understand, THEN giving the revelation of those and taking care of me like a little sheep. This happened yesterday.

Has He ever speak to you in a dream?

I am in awe of Him. My dear friends, seek Him. He never fails.

I have known Him since I surrendered my life, my entire LIFE at the tender age of 17. You know I just turned 40!  He is faithful.

Again, I am in awe.

A sweet friend EvaGla shared this song particularly with me Friday night. 
Oh wao, HOW I LOVED this. He is always the same. I so want HIm to be near to me. He is my first and foremost passion.

Life without Christ is no life. 
Life without hope, no strength.
Hope without Christ, inexistent. 

Jesus be near to me. 
Jesus be near to us as a country.
Jesus be near to each person that reads this today.

BE ENCOURAGED! He sees you and holds you through it all. You just seek Him…

Creative Blessings and rest in this beautiful day to you.

Jessica U.


  1. I truly enjoyed this post and it was so encouraging for me on this glorious Sabbath! God is faithful and merciful to His people. Thanks for sharing this post and what our Father means to you- to me I see His mercy, His graciousness and patience when He picked me up from the miry clay at age 24!

    1. He pursued me and won my heart when I was 17 yrs old. Still remember the day I gave Him my all. STILL He is my number 1 passion. Nothing takes His place, no one takes my heart. Thanks for sharing…His mercies are endless. Where would we be!?

  2. I'm going to try this tutorial this week- I've been looking for an opportunity to dust off my SU supplies and get back into creating loveliness!

    1. Oooh, I can't wait to see you making beautiful things sweet friend. Thanks for being a source of encouragement to me. He make beautiful things, we follow His footsteps. Love you!


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