Jul 9, 2015

Explore Stampin'Up! : Gift Bag Punch Tool

Stampin'Up! launched a new product together with the new catalog this year. The Gift Bag Punch Tool
This tool was designed by Memory Keepers and you can also find great ideas with it online. I will share a few links below for your delight. 

I am in exploring mode. 
So below is a video presented by Stampin'Up! on how it works and also a cool alternate to these cute bags I came up with.

I made a few on my past birthday post here and also three days ago on my Simply Scraps post here. 

How it works?
Please check the video below for the basics on this tool. Is a short video. I suggest you keep it on your faves. ;)

What can I use it for?
Personalize gift bags for baby and wedding showers, birthdays, holidays, party favors and way more.

What are the sizes?
You can choose to make the original bags on several lengths printed on the board. 
When you choose between S, M or Large it refers to the bottom size.
When you then choose any size between 4" and 12" it will be the height of your bag. 
Here you can see my small (4" x 10", medium (with an 8" x 11")and large (12" x 12").

*MY SMALL  4" x 10"  has a bottom size: 2 5/8" Long x 2" wide and it is 2 5/8" tall.
*MY MEDIUM 8" x 11" has a bottom size: 3 1/8" Long x 2" wide and it is 6 5/8" tall.
*MY LARGE 12" x 12" has a bottom size: 3 5/8" Long x 2" wide and it is 10 5/8" tall.

You can change how tall your bag is between 2 5/8" to  10 5/8"
You can also choose the bottom size as shown.
These are the standard sizes. But there are so many alternatives and ways to use this cool tool already. 

Is the Gift Bag Punch Tool easy to use?
The first one I made I messed up! :P 
I punched the line I made with the "triangle". 
You ONLY need to punch when you align the start point with the "side" lines and "S", "M" or "L" line. NOT the triangle. Instructions are printed ON THE BOARD, but this mama went to quick. Ha!

So there is my secret. Do NOT punch while aligning the line made from the triangle. Nope, nope! You NEVER HAVE TO ALIGN THAT SCOREd LINE. I learned that. The rest is easy peeasy!

Does it really saves time?
For me is all about saving time. I am a mom of three with a full calendar, church events and a full homeschooling school year. 
I like tools that make my life easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Yes, it does saves time. I especially like making the holes for the ribbon. I like having the instructions right on the board.  Neat!

What others are saying?
I asked on the business group I belong to what is everyone using their cute bags for and these are some of their responses!

  • PJ Steckman Candy, makeup, socks, little toys, puzzles, food, travel size body products, or regular size, candles (all sizes), jewelry, I could keep going on....
  • Kirsteen Gill Will a little smelly hand sanitizer for in the smallest one? Lip balm will...breath mints?

There are many possibilities. Jewelry and candy may be my favorite. But how many details we can give. Even a gift card or money inside! Yippee! 

I will post a few alternatives with this tool this month so stay in touch! You can see this fun tool here!

Hope you have enjoyed this information. Will be showing you different ways to use this tool in future posts.

Creative Blessings,

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