Nov 13, 2021

Grace Wreath with Paper Pumpkin Haunts & Harvest

Systems Saturdays is all about doing little bits to create  a space where we can create beauty for others. 

I am so grateful to be back with you this week. Sharing a bit of my life and a Fall Wreath project I've been meaning to finish since long time ago.

Life has been pretty full with my family, school, baby and more.

For now, as long I do what God wants me to do on a daily basis and go where He wants me to go. That is enough.... His grace is enough. 

I have decided to call my wreath, my Grace wreath. Why?

Because of the season I am in. Even though it feels overwhelming at times I am being refreshed daily in His Presence and I see how His grace carries me through every little thing. 

Making these cute flowers for my Fall wreath reminds me that no matter the season, God has goodness in store for me. For you as well. 
I can still taste and see that the Lord is good. 

To learn how to make these cute flowers to decorate a wreath go watch this video in my Youtube channel. Leave me some love with your comments. Hope to inspire you to create with what you have. 

Watch Wreath video tutorial here! 

My Grace Wreath is now in the front of my craft room to remind me that when I go in I can receive grace, time to rest and bless others as well.

Thanks Jesus for grace. Thanks Jesus for friends. Thanks Jesus for opportunities to see beauty in the midst of crazy seasons. 
You never disappoint Lord. 
Love this phrase from TeachCreateMotivate!

Even though this empty wreath waited for years for me to get it "done" it is finally done. I reminder that all things in His time are beautiful. At times we just need to be patient and trust His timing.

Refills for this cute kit are still available. 
Check them out right here! 

Hope you are inspired today to create some paper flowers and bring beauty into your spaces. I did it with the September 2021 Paper Pumpkin kit Haunts & Harvest. You can find more info on my Paper Pumpkin subscription here.

Going on right now! 
To see some sneak peaks of my OnStageatHome Conference visit my facebook group! Its been such full weekend of goodness and fun! 

I am Jessica Urrutia and would LOVE meeting you!



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