Sep 3, 2017

My Stampin' Updates: Renewed Goals

Some of you may be wondering where I've been.
Card created by my friend Boni Montano

I am right here. I am well. I am growing and learning so much and spending time where I love to be. In His Presence.

Life during summer was absolutely different. A bit hectic, far-away-from-routine, full of events and summer school, family guests, and honestly little stamping.

Is interesting how when the seasons start to change your heart is inherently grateful for a renewed opportunity to give thanks and move forward. I am. :)

Moving from frustration to gladness. 

Indeed, that is where I am. There will always be hundreds of reasons in a day for each of us to get frustrated. Nevertheless, we are NOT to BE frustrated, or stay frustrated. I am learning to turn my sours into sweets again and again. To give thanks in the most inopportune times and give freedom to others from my own judgmental thoughts.

In all I found I have been welcomed into a season of glorious freedom.
For this I am amazed.

My Life NOW,
*Lots of school plans and lessons.
*Lots of exercise to get back to my pre-summer fitness. :)
*Creating routines that work for my family and I.
*Finding time to learn new things, for example, reading a book on Photography my hubby gave me for my birthday, a course on Words of Knowledge, Simple Scrapper goals and more.
*Lots of laundry, which turns into lots of   Audible books read and reviewed.
*Dwelling in His Word and seeking His wisdom.
*Soon to come move from state to state.
* Expanding my piano knowledge
*Soon packing since we are moving again.

My Renewed Goals

Let me leave you with this quote I read this week on Bethel TV Facebook page:
"When you have been given a gift from heaven, make sure it is for the purpose of revealing Jesus, and not for the purpose of building up your own ministry or for your own personal gain." // Pastor Eric Johnson shares on the importance of how we steward gifts from God.

I want to hide In Him and reveal HIS beauty in many ways.
I am excited for the new ways He is showing me to lead Stamp a Blessing. 

Thanks for always being here for me girlfriends!

I am so thankful you stopped by today.
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Creative Blessings,

Jessica Cruz de Urrutia
Stampin’Up! Independent Demonstrator since 2010
Lewisburg, PA (hablo Español)
My friend Boni Montanp sent me this beautiful card
made with the set Grown with Love.
You can see it here!


  1. You've shared such beautiful words, updates and messages Jessica. All is well, thank you for sharing with us! Hugs, xo

    1. Thanks my friend! We are in this journey together!! Tons of blessings!!


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