Sep 14, 2017

3 Best ways to Defeat the Creativity Thief

Hello my dear ones, today I want to share with you the 
3 BEST ways to defeat the creativity thief! 

I am so excited you are here today!

Today is a happy day! I am broadcasting my first ever Facebook LIVE video today at 9AM ET and I can't wait to show you not only some cool ideas with only a stamp and a punch....but also THE way I conquered over my creative slump after the summer.

Does anyone here feels the pain of having a ton of unfinished projects?
You have no idea where to start after a draining season?
Or just too much fun of one thing drained you from your creative energy?

Check out today Facebook Live on my Facebook Page!
You will LOVE this!

PLUS, a super cool way to make a wreath easy with only a stamp and a punch. 

I will be back to post the pictures of today's project after my LIVE event! Don't miss it!

Jessica Urrutia

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