May 23, 2017

Share That Link Tuesday: Stampin'Up! FREE resources

Hello my dear GENEROUS!

How do you feel when you GIVE?
Don't you feel so excited! So full, so blessed.

Yes, even when you don't have much to give, and you pull from your "lack" to give into other peoples lives, it means so much.

I want to introduce a day in Stamp a Blessing to simply GIVE!
To keep a focus on sharing links that may inspire or benefit you greatly!

I am calling it SHARE THAT LINK!
There are so many things I find online that I think are amazing. So many resources that I don't want to keep a secret but I actually want to share with you!

You can share too!
As I share some good links on Tuesdays, I want to open the gates or you to share too. 
Don't be afraid! I do not mind if what you are sharing in the comments is from another stamping company, another demonstrator, or another topic. Share what brings you joy. What you found? This is the place.

Let me Start Here.

Since my favorite stamps company is Stampin'Up!, reason WHY I am a demonstrator on it, it seems pertinent that I start sharing the different resources the company shares with us demonstrators and YOU! 

you gotta visit and see how cool they made this page. So many projects to inspire you!
Did you know Stampin'Up! has its own blog.

Check this out! When you go to my store and click on Project Ideas you get a 
bunch of different ideas and recipes to make them. LoVE it!!

This channel is great to see many techniques, projects found in the catalog 
and product presentations that you never knew. 
Take a chance to browse thru it. Check out some videos 
from the new catalog coming June 1st HERE!

To be honest, there is a lOT of beautiful things to see here, but I don't think 
Stampin'Up! keeps their boards as updated as they should. LOL! 
I already want to see more! Just my two cents. But go follow the board!

There are too many! Hehe. They are ALL handpicked by Stampin'Up! to create and bring amazing projects you and I can drop...oh wait, get inspiration from. They do a blog hop every month. I personally know Mrs Cathy Caines. I follow her blog through email and LOVE all her creativity! 

Yes she has an absolutely beautiful blog were she shares tons of projects and snips of her personal life. She is one inspiring woman. Check out her blog's new design.

I absolutely fell in love with Sarah in the last year. She brings so much fun and cool-ness to the company. She shares videos, ideas, challenges on her Facebook page!

Every time a new kit comes out, Paper Pumpkin posts a new video with detail instructions on how to make the kit. This is juts the beginning of a journey of creativity. Gotta love Paper Pumpkin. Join by June 10th  here and receive 25% in your first 3 months (June, July and August)

This group is honestly a gem to be cherished. Demonstrator Rachel Tessman 
opened this public group on Facebook and it is the BOMB!! Check it out for yourself. 

This page is the company's main page on Facebook. 
What you will love about this one, they post giveaways, discounts and cool treats every once in a while. So follow their page and keep your eyes open! :)

Honestly, THIS is just a start. My niche is stamps, so I started with stamps!
Is there anything you would like to share from Stampin'Up! that you know and I don't?
Yes, leave a comment below with a link.

COME BACK next Tuesday to Share that Link!
I have so many ideas for you!

I am so thankful you stopped by today.
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Expect BIG things from a BIG God,

Jessica Cruz de Urrutia
Stampin’Up! Independent Demonstrator since 2010
Lewisburg, PA (hablo Español)

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  1. WOW!!!!! Your resourcefulness, love and energy are never-ending! Wowwww! Thank you for "sharing!" xoxox Have a blessed day!

    1. You are such a sweetheart! Thanks for lifting me up with your encouraging words. I truly wanna share my best! Love you friend!


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