Oct 20, 2016

Together is Better: Designer Cinders

Hello and blessings my sweet friends!

I am so excited to share these wonderful creations with you today.
I usually make simple projects and kits projects but Stampin'Up! offers so much MORE!

I asked a sweet friend of mine from Ohio to make some cards for me to show my customers. And she DEFINITELY excelled in a marvelous way! I truly LOVE her talent and more than anything her heart!

Thank you Cindy for sharing your talent with us. Praying blessings over your life and eyes to see how truly loved and wonderfully cared for you are by Him!

Don't you think all these cards are absolutely beautiful! Joining forces to INSPIRE you and bless you! So happy that TOGETHER IS BETTER!
Leave Cinders some love in your comments...she is amazing! 

I am so grateful for the appointments I have had through the years through Stampin'Up!
I have met amazing woman like Cinders and today I simply want to honor her and tell her a big THANK YOU for never quitting, for staying STRONG, for keep loving even when it hurts and for BELIEVING God! He has great things for you. I am so blessed to call you my friend. Keep creating blessings! 

Love you friend,


Below are the different Bundles that Cinders used in her cards. Be INSPIRED! I AM!

CLICK TO SEE BIGGER or go to my store 


  1. Beautiful cards by your friend; and such a fun blessing to be supported in love and efforts! Blessings to you both! :)

    1. Thanks Donna, she is amazing!! Her heart and her hands bring such beauty!

  2. Your friend did an excellent job! Stunning cards.


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