Oct 19, 2016

Paper Pumpkin Peeps: How to organize your Paper Pumpkin Kits in a small place

Hello friends,

Every month I am holding an event at a local establishment to get together and get our beautiful Paper Pumpkin kits done. 

I enjoy the fellowship and also getting my kit ready to bless others.

This Sunday October 23rd is the day! Hope you can join me between 3-7Pm.
Come over with kit, without kit, with a project or without any project.
Just let me know YOU ARE COMING and I will have something for you to Create blessings!

Ok, so let's talk a bit about organization! 
As you know already I moved a couple of month ago. And since my new home has no stamp room.........sniff sniff....I had to be creative in HOW I organize. 

Step 1: I claimed the pantry closet (LOL!). Yes I did, don't believe me? Check the pictures below. 

Yes, I STILL love to cook.
I just learned how to use less space in the kitchen and have less to clean as an aftermath. I have one corner cabinet that holds all of my cans and flours, treats and whatever else. The rest is simply FRESH so goes in the fridge NOT the pantry. Yippee! SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY! (declutter too!)

Step 2: Make the most of your space. 
Bottom layer- Use plastic bins for your favorites or grab and stamp section. (I will expand on this in the following week :)

Can you identify my Paper Pumpkin bin? :)

Step 3: Organize your plastic bin too! Yippee! 

This is the bottom of my plastic bin.
From top to bottom I use past kits boxes to organize
Ink Spots
Bags and Boxes
Stickers only
Card bases and envelopes
Die cuts and Tags
Cards ready to mail

On the right is another shoe box with any embellishment left over from previous kits.
Sequins, twine, buttons, anything! You see! Love this creative box!

On the right on top of my free lid shoe box, I placed a Burgundy one with all my stamps.
Will take a picture of them, sorry forgot. AND a "ham plastic box" Yes it was were my ham came, hehe! To keep all my adhesives that usually I have a ton leftover LOVE IT!

 Last but not least is this cute ORANGE (my favorite color) binder.
I cannot wait to show you WHAT I have in here. Is perfect! 

I love orange. I love pumpkins and I definitely love Fall. Paper Pumpkin is just perfect for this season too! Hehe! Below last month's kit. Can't wait to show you the next.  Here with my sweet friend Lisa at the Pumpkin Patch.

Always start by stamping. Is fun and will make your card making easy peasy!

And this is how I roll right now with my Paper Pumpkin.
My goal this year is NOT to create a bunch of alternates. There is actually thousands of crafters doing the and posting them on either Pinterest (search Paper Pumpkin and you will see) or on Facebook like on the Facebook Paper Pumpkin fan page. 
My goal is to GET IT DONE and share it! Noooo...I know they are pretty....but do NOT keep them.
Make a difference with Paper Pumpkin.
Lift others with Paper Pumpkin. 
Is easy, affordable and also fun! :)

Join my Paper Pumpkin Peeps here! 
You will lOVE it! INSPIRE others. This is my word of this week and I am loving finding ways to inspire others. 

Creative Blessings!

Jessica Urrutia

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  1. Great use of your pantry space, I wish I had that extra space but my closet will have to suffice! Good idea about storing stamps spots, I was wondering how to keep them tidy. Great job keeping your organization going, it does help to stay sane!!! Ps- I guess your little boy has a craft-free closet!?!?!?


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