Oct 10, 2016

Make it Simple Monday: Kits

I LOVE bringing you samples of what I am doing with the kits Stampin'Up! offers.

To make my life SIMPLER I have chosen to be a Stampin'Up! girl. I purchase all my products online through the company I love and eliminate the crazy hassle of looking for a hundred products that coordinate together PLUS the outings to crafts stores with several kids on tow (which will ask for the store). 

To make my life simpler, I have chosen to create MAINLY with kits and show you how versatile they can be EVEN when I am dragging tired after a productive day. 

To make my life SIMPLER I actually read the instructions on my kits. WHO DOES THAT?
Hihi, I do! That way I know the way my product was intended to be used. 

To make my life SIMPLER I still connect with people one-to-one and send snail mail like the old days.

To make my life SIMPLER, I am decluttering, giving more, sharing more, donating more and throwing away more stuff.

To make my life SIMPLER, I pray daily. Wake crazily early to be able to be transformed by God's Word. Believe me I need this every single day or else I am a grumpy bear and not able to be "clear-minded and self-controlled. :)

I believe all these choices and more make my life SIMPLER.

I made these cute cards with the O Happy Day kit. 
I absolutely recommend this kit.
Here a a picture showing how I made these little cuties! 
They are a matchbox style.

These two samples above were made with the Watercolor Wonders Kit.
Precious, Perfect, Done! The way I like it. 

For your convenience here is the Link to SHOP NOW.
If you are looking for gifts for the season consider getting one of my kits here! 

Creative Blessings,

Jessica Urrutia


  1. Hi Jess! This is a wonderful kit! I'm so glad I ordered it. It makes my craft/play time totally productive and worthwhile!

    1. Yes...that is EXACTLY what I am loving about kits. Even when I sit without ANY creative juice, it inspires me and helps me to get started. the rest is history. Thanks for sharing your experience Jess! ;-)


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