Mar 21, 2016

More Memories in the Making by Project Life: Week 10

I hope you are getting inspired to tell your stories.

I will share some photos today of my week 10 of my stories.

I intend to capture a glimpse of my weeks this year by documenting a bit of every week on my pages using Project Life.

I have loved this particular kit so much that is hard to get away from it.

Memories in the Making Project Life

I find it so useful and happy, and that's where I am right now. Black and Whites are starting to call me, so most likely in the next weeks I will try other PL card kits. :)

It's a good day when...
As you see, I kept one same idea going through the week.
My journaling answered the phrase "It's a good day when…" 
I love using what I have and inspiring you to do the same.

Our little stories matter BIG time!
In my home I am Mama Toothfairy…my girly lost a tooth and MT came to the rescue.
I even used a PL card for it, but she wants to keep it so was not able to add it to the album. 
Lol! Every time they loose a tooth I place more than money under their pillows.
I truly enjoy being a mom,

Click photo to see bigger :)

Project Life TIP OF THE DAY!

U want to see straight sticker letter words.
Place them on a ruler or card, 
as I did below and THEN stick them to the right card or photo. 

If you wish to see more info on this particular kit click here to my latest post. 

Your story matters...
I hope to inspire someone a bit to tell your story.
Your story matters….I am loving this process. I am learning…to find my voice, to not miss the little details and to be thankful about them. Is not so much about the photos, and stories as it is to remember and be thankful. When lies come against me, I can look back and see how God's faithfully has been so beautiful to me and those i love. 

Thanks for visiting today and leaving me your love with your comments below.

Are you telling your story?

I am grateful you stop by. 
If you would like to see more Project Life inspiration click Project Life on the side bar.

Creative Blessings,

Jessica U.

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