Oct 2, 2015

She believed she could… Stampin'Up!

And this week thou fully scheduled has been a blessing!

Indeed having my #noslackingweek theme helped me to go through some "down" moments still focused and thankful for all that the Lord is doing in my life.

I may not have the full blueprints for the journey, but I don't need them. Jesus is enough. 
He will lead me gently.


She believe she could so she did!
These cards are part of a set I gave a friend last month. 
On Monday I will show you the full package.
Giving is better than receiving.
Grace gives.

Hope you get inspired with these ideas to use your talent to empower others and lift their load a bit.


Keep your fire, keep your passion!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Jessica Urrutia
Check my current events on my previous post below. 

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