Mar 20, 2015

What have I been doing lately?

Hello my sweet friends,

Ok, it seems as if this year is never going to slow down…thou I may, coming April…need to slooowww down a bit after all this.

I am currently participating on a Spring Coop (on top of my other weekly coop with my children). The difference on this one is I get to be a teacher for 6 weeks of 7 precious girlies. The topic…ok, wait, are you sitting?

Drum roll…sewing!

Yes, my oldest daughter H is always asking me to make this or that for her in my sewing machine. Yes, I do own one and till the last weeks was just getting dust. But check out our first project.

What do you think?
I am actually ENJOYing this….oooh, my friend J.A. from Lubbock would be so proud of me. I also used the Flower Spiral Bigz Die with felt.

Besides doing all my schooling, planning a birthday party, running errands and cleaning a house that never seems to be right how I would like to have it…I am also helping the wonderful Milton Public Library with a cool project. I will show it to you in a future post but at least check out the flowers I've been creating.

I ma using library books pages to make these cuties with the Bouquet Bigz Large Die.

I am spraying this part gold.

Then rolling and adding the petals as I wish with a hot glue gun.

I will show you more of the process in my next post. 
Check one more flower I made with the same die. I am ENJOYing this die…it is truly neat.

I put like 14 of those centers in here with hot glue. Love it! 
It is a very big flower by the way. 

Stay at peace….the best is yet to come. Follow His heart. He never fails.
Loving you today and holding each of you my readers in prayer. 

Make a difference today were you are. Even if is hard, is worth it. 

Love you!

Jessica Urrutia


  1. Sewing machine or not I AM proud of you! That bookmark looks fierce! Enjoy all the doors that are opening to you because if your faithfulness in all things. Those flowers make me glad it's spring!

    1. Thanks so much my friend! So excited to be doing and exploring other things from my Bucket List. Making sewing projects for my girlies is one of them. I admire your sewing thou, so neat….I have solo much to learn. :) Thanks for always being an inspiration. :)


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