Mar 16, 2015

Scrapbooking: Just be You!

Hello my dear friends,

I was blessed to be able to participate one more time at the CSI Color Stories Inspiration Case File 157
This was my take: Included all the colors, My Evidence was circles, camera, eyeglasses, polaroid frame and hearts. My testimony: Selfie. I rarely make pages about me and always wanted to make a list of things I love. Things so me…so here I did. Check out where I hid my journaling!

Love the new Epoxy Itty Bitty Accents.

I ENJOYed making a list of things I simply like…for example my fave animal is giraffe, my color orange, my fave jewel is pearls….little details. CSI focuses on journaling the process…I want to be able to journal little things and big things. Let's see how this year go. 

Have you been scrapbooking at all? What's your memory keeping way? Digital? Facebooking? Instagram? Project Life? Traditional?

No matter what you do, do it all with your heart pointed toward God….every blessing comes from above. As I created this layout I simply rejoiced in the way HE made me, I am different, passionate, love many things indeed…..will never forget this quote by Vincent Van Goug (did I spell that right?) I should maybe add this quote to this layout. 
"To way to know life is to love many things". I am blessed to love many things. I am me.

Creative Blessings!

Jessica Urrutia


  1. This looked like a fun project. Way to go documenting all the wonderful things that make you YOU!

    1. Thanks Jess! Scrapbooking (without being in a hurry and meditating in His awesome goodness) refreshes me. Some memory keeping I do in a rush. Haha! But all about ENJOYING it. God is good. He gives us peace in many creative ways. Wait till I show u what Im doing today! Wayy different. Hehe! Love you!


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