Mar 10, 2015

Hooray It's Your Day: Shaving Cream Technique

Hello again my dear friends,

We had such a great time last Saturday at our Hooray It's Your Day class. I had 6 ladies and lots of inky fingers.

One of the cards we created involved the Shaving Cream Technique. Everyone had a blast making a one of a kind project. No way you can make two exactly the same.

Check it out!

For this card I used Strawberry Slush, Coastal Cabana, and Crush Curry. I ended up liking this card more than the first one I made (see below).

As you can see we explore this awesome technique and also spritzing and sponging all while using the wonderful Hooray it's your Day cards kit. The one below was my original card using Pistachio Pudding & Crush Curry ink refills.

We all had a fabulous time creating from 9am to noon. The kit comes with about 20 cards to create and it comes with so much. Is perfect to do techniques with. Will show you my spritzing and sponging ones this week. So keep coming back.

Deb's card was so subtle and beautiful, everyone was oohing it! 

Carolyn's card had bold colors and we all loved it too!

Beautiful indeed! It depends a lot on how much color you add and how much you swirl it.

I don't have a video on this technique but if you goggle Shaving Cream Technique you will find it indeed. I learned it many years ago. It never ceases to amaze me. See my tips below.

Check the wonderful Hooray It's Your Day kit and the coordinated stamp set. You will love both of these!

Try it:
 Add a good amount of Shaving Cream in a flat plastic container.
Add drops of ink refills in the colors of your preference. I added either two colors or three colors. 
Swirl the colors mixing them into the shaving cream with a simple toothpick.
Place your card face looking down on the shaving cream and press.
Add enough pressure or light pressure and your results will always be different. 

Thanks for visiting my site one more time. It is because of you that I keep posting and sharing my love for stamping and my love for friendship!

Creative Blessings!

Jessica Urrutia
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  1. These are beautiful cards. The shaving cream is one of my favorite techniques too!! You are such a great teacher and leader- keep walking in His will and you will reap a FULL harvest!

    1. Thanks my sweet friend! He is holding me, He is holding you too! Thanks for your encouraging words. Love you tons and miss you!


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