Mar 25, 2015

A Paper Pumpkin Special Gift

Hi hello!

I have been so blessed with friends through the years. Today's project was not design by me but by one of best friends forever…Maria V.

We are the time of friends that talk or text almost every day of the year. Respect each other family time, see each other maybe once a year (aargh!) and send our birthday and Christmas gifts late. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. Hahaha! Do you have a friend like Maria.

Well…this is my Christmas gift… hey! Don't feel bad at all. I JUST sent her her birthday gift a week ago…it was months ago. Hehe! We love each other in a special way and I am so thankful God placed her by "my side" thou in different states right now.

Needless to say, she knows my heart and still loves me. LOL!
Loved her gift…can you tell?

Maria knows I love orange (and that i DO NOT have the talent of making my own jewelry :)
I was taken aback by such a beautiful necklace. I also needed some makeup!

Even the little cellophane bag is My Paper Pumpkin, eeek!

I have to say…how smart is THAT!? She used the little box for the accordion to send my gift on the mail. I love the little details. I love that she knows me, and she knows I love My Paper Pumpkin.

Thanks amiga! Te quiero!!

Hope you are enjoying all the Paper Pumpkin inspiration. 
I love these kits and there is so much more coming in the next months. 
Stay tune…we are going to step it up!

Go see what my other friends at My Pumpkin Challenge did today!

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