Apr 29, 2014

Lewisburg Arts Festival Part 2

Good morning,

So here is my booth! I truly love orange and kept saying I was going to make it bright and cheery so I brought orange with me. :0)
I order my top banner at the same time I ordered my tent. They give you the option and I loved having it there. It is removable so I was very pleased with it. Not many other tents have their names on top so it was neat and I noticed everybody who pass by read that first.

As I shared yesterday in my previous post, I had a lot of fun. Let me show you today some of my displays. As I mentioned before, I am finally starting a club to meet at my studio the second Friday of every month to create and inspire each other using My Paper Pumpkin Kits. I truly think it will be wonderful. Our first meeting is June 13, my birthday!!! So believe me I will have cake for you all (and me!) Yippee! Gotta celebrate my birthday doing what I do…stamping with friends!

I made some displays with different projects I designed with My Paper Pumpkin kits from the beginning and talked to many about it during the festival. I came up with an idea to hang my displays from the top of my canopy instead of placing them on the tables to be thrown on the floor by the wind.
I used large eyelets that Stampin'Up! used to sell and my Cropadile to thread with hard twine I got back when my kids had a cowboy birthday party more than a year ago. :)

It was very nice to bless the ladies with the cute paper purses. Five cards fit perfectly inside, so they left with a wonderful gift in their hands when they purchase 5 of my cards. Here are some of the ones I made.
On the opposite wall of my tent (the one without a table) I decided to do an Inspiration board with some of the products that Stampin'Up! sells and are a wonderful idea for Mother's Day. The beautiful Burlap & Blooms Wreath Kit; The Happenings Simply Created Kit and the Mini-Memories Simply Created Album. I will make a separate post on these soon if you are interested in seeing more. :)

You can see here the way I hung them from the top. They held very well. :)

Here is my sweet friend Linda; she and her dear husband Bob helped me so much. They are people so full of love, you can feel it, smell it, see it and definitely be sure God is in their hearts. I am very grateful for their friendship and all their help. They were there since 1PM till like 6PM with me checking how I was doing, coming and going, finding me drinks and food. God places angels….indeed He did.

As a participant Artist for the Lewisburg Arts festival I had to donate an art item to the Council for Auction purposes and to keep the prices low. I will show you what I made for them this Thursday. Come back tomorrow for some My Paper Pumpkin ideas. Gotta love my Paper Pumpkin kits. Visit my Paper Pumpkin page, when you join send me a quick email to add you to My Paper Pumpkin friends. You will receive a FREE case designed by me to store your new stamps and the opportunity to join me next June 13 for many ideas and a fun time!

Check My Paper Pumpkin Friends Club info HERE

Check 'Get Your Scrapbooks Done' Club info HERE

Praying for blessing over my new city. God has great plans with this city and I am privilege to be part of it. Come tomorrow for our My Pumpkin Challenge submission. You will love it!

Creative Blessings,

Jessica Urrutia


  1. Thanks Wendie!! It was a lot of work, but indeed a lot of fun. I love what I do!!! Hugs,

  2. Wow!! I love what you did! Your hard work paid off. Your booth looked great. I am so happy for you! Great job. Thanks for the wonderful tips! :)


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