Feb 12, 2014

My Paper Pumpkin Full of Love

Hello my sweet friends,

This is a week to give thanks for our wonderful friends. My Jesus is soo good in giving me the gift of friendship. I learn the gift of friendship first through my loving parents who are still my best friends ever. My amazing God, who is the friends of friends, and the One who actually taught me how to show myself a friend, and then through all of YOU my magnificent amigas. Eeek!

Yes, I'm happy! can you tell? I have chosen to be content with the road I've been called to travel and I am indeed grateful He has placed so many amazing friends in my way.

 In case you don't know, I am a Puertorican who moved into the US many years ago by myself knowing very basic English. I got an amazing job at a well known hospital in one of the best Neuro-Intensive Care Units as an RN and didn't know what was a "tray". Really? Really…please I would say breakfast, food, yummy goods, but don't ask for "a tray"! "Where's my tray?" would say a hungry grumpy patient early in the morning. "Your what?" Yeap..long story short…He placed many friends on my way to help me keep walking forward and embrace this country as my country.

I have friends in the North, West, South and now also the East of the USA. Check out all the love we are spreading this week at My Pumpkin Challenge. I am very blessed to have met these awesome designers and need to say…gee!! They are amazing! Check it out today…you will love the love.

I've been liking all the shapes that came with January's My Paper Pumpkin. Have you? Today I had fun with arrows. Gee…I truly like arrows.

I added a die cut letter "U" from my Typeset Alphabet Bigz Die and my wonderful Big Shot. 
God is so good! I hand cut one of those tiny hearts, AND the arrows from my previous kit…
I was in a fuzzy cutting mood I assume.

Forgive the dark picture…too many snow days, too little natural bright light. :P
What about those coordinated arrow stickers that fit inside the already cut card stock. ;)

I think my hubby will get the picture this week. I LOVE him!
I have chosen to rejoice this week. No matter what's going on, if the floors are dirty, or the hampers overflowing with dirty clothes (which they are at the moment, ugh!). I will smile and rejoice knowing I am loved and I am doing my best to get there. Whatever 'there' means. ;)

Creative Blessings,
(See you tomorrow with a fun tutorial for a quick valentine)
Oh, and don't forget to RSVP for class this Saturday!

Jessica Urrutia


  1. Adorable! I totally have to try putting those stickers inside, now... Love you, Jess!

    1. Eeek! Thanks Heather. I found those stickers way to tempting. Now I want more of them. Yikes! Hope they bring me more arrows, seems like Im into arrows now. :)
      Blessings my sweet friend!


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