Aug 6, 2013

MDS Honoring our Husbands

Good morning my dear ones!
Have you ever wonder where have honor gone these days? Something is just not right. I hear the media, especially comedians bringing the integrity of men low so often that decided to see how I could make a difference. This is solely a step toward God's heart. He loves to honor others thou He is the only one TRULY worthy of praise. We have nothing to boast about.
Buen dia amigas! Compartiendoles una idea bella en la que podemos honrar a nuestros esposos. Demasiada charlataneria se ve en los medios de comunicacion especialmente de comediantes donde ponen a los hombres abajo. Hagamos la diferencia. Honremos a nuestros esposos. Es una acto simple acercandonos al corazon de Dios. El ama honrar a otros mientras que el unico que VERDADERAMENTE se merece la honra es EL. En nada nos podemos gloriar.

So here I go to not only challenge myself but also challenge you to put pride aside and start looking at the blessings we have. I felt in my heart I need to bring honor to my husband in a different way. So bear with me during this growing process. Nothing too well-planned just going with the flow and asking the Lord to give me direction. Would you join with me in this journey?
Aqui hoy me estoy retando a mi misma y tambien a ustedes a poner el orgullo a un lado y comenzar  a ver lo lindo y no lo feo. Crezcan conmigo y siganme los pasos. Nada muy coordinado, solo creciendo en como honrar a mi esposo y en esa manera tambien honrar a mi Dios. Te me unes?

Il place a link below for you to link your creations or ideas on how we can bless more, praise more, lift THEM up more and make a difference in our husband's lives. It can be whatever idea not only scrap pages. TIP: our husbands do NOT have to be perfect or even his actions deserving of this. It is a pure action of faith AND love where we choose to look at the diamond inside and not the imperfections from the outside. Step into the water with me. Let's see what God does in us, and in them through the wonderful gift of honor.
Pondre un linky tool abajo para que tambien compartan sus creaciones o ideas en como bendecir mas, levantar y honrar a nuestros maridos. DETALLITO: nuestros esposos no tienen que ser perfectos o sus acciones merecedoras de esto. Es una puro acto de fe Y de amr donde escogemos ver el diamante(lo bello) y no el carbon (las imperfecciones). Veamos que Dios hace en ellos y en nosotras a medida que les regalamos el regalo del honor.

Women, let's love our husbands. Let's do it in action, not only words.
Share your ideas or pages below. Again this is a work in progress. I will label this on the right-side bar as MDS & Honoring Husbands and do my best to keep at it every Tuesday as able (soon to go on a family trip). Oh my! I never stop, eh?! Mujeres, amemos a nuestros esposos. No en palabras solamente sino tambien en accion. Comparta sus ideas abajo. Esto es un proceso en el que estoy y quiero incluirla.

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I just love sharing with you...creative blessings,
Me fascina compartir contigo...muchas bendiciones creativas,

Jessica Urrutia
King of Prussia, PA
Stampin'Up! Independent Demonstrator


  1. This message is so timely! All too often men are ridiculed. I'm looking forward to playing w\ MDS and creating a project that honors DH. Thanks for the inspiration:-)

    1. Thanks Jess. I am the one blessed by meditating on the good blessings we received. It is an honor to honor others. Especially our men. Big hug!


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