Mar 3, 2013

Inspire your soul- Lifegiving

Amadas amigas/Beloved friends,

I've been asked to give a reason as to why I do what I do? My answer in short words: It is my passion! I am passionate about stamping, I am passionate about creating beauty through art, passionate about growing a business and developing others to stand out an make a difference. I am also passionate about my children, about teaching them how to be like Christ, living an exceptional life that goes above circumstances and has its roots in the supernatural. I am passionate about managing my home, managing my relationships with diligence and loving others a lot, more than the status quo. I am truly passionate about life, about life-giving and the LifeGiver, Christ himself. In this I delight indeed. I will never stop being passionate, as long as His passion is my daily passion.

Me preguntaron hace poco que porque hago lo que hago? Mi respuesta en pocas palabras: Es mi pasion! Tengo pasion por hacer estampados, tengo pasion por crear belleza a mi alrededor por medio del arte, pasion ademas para desarrollar un negocio y ayudar a otros a que se destaquen en la vida y hagan la diferencia. Soy muy apasionada por mis ninos, vivo por ensenarles como ser mas como Jesus, a que vivan una vida excepcional por encima de las circumnstancias y con sus raices bien plantadas en lo sobrenatural. Vivo apasionada por mi hogar, por manejar mis relaciones diligentemente y amar a otros mucho, mas que el estatus quo. Me muevo apasionada por la vida, por dar vida y por el Dador de la vida misma, Cristo. En esto me deleito cada dia. Nunca me detendre de ser asi, de vivir con pasion, siempre y cuando Su pasion sea mi pasion diaria.

Let me simply suggest you read a book written by a lady I came to admire through her writing. The book Lifegiving by Tammy Maltby. What a refreshing, challenging and inspirational book. I read it for the first time in 2009, but since then is a resource book I revisit often through my journey.

I will just share two lines from her book that you will immediately know why I highlighted...enjoy!

"The lifegiving nature of [...] women may have been buried alive, but the impulse and deep desire to be lifegivers is indelibly stamped upon our natures by God."

Tammy Malby, Lifegivers, page 31

Dejeme sugerirle una lectura escrita por una mujer que llegue a admirara profundamente por sus escritos. El libro Lifegiving por Tammy Maltby. Que lectura tan refrescante, retante y alentadora. Lei este libro por primera vez en el 2009, pero desde entonces ha venido a ser un recurso maravilloso para mi travesia.

Le voy a compartir un inserto de su libro que ya sabra porque lo tenia bien marcadito...disfrutelo!

" La naturaleza de dar vida en [...] mujeres habra sido sepultada viva, , mas el impulso y el profundo deseo de ser dadoras de vida ha sido indeliblemente estampado en nuestras naturalezas por Dios mismo."

Tammy Maltby, Lifegivers, pagina 31

The perspective of being stamped by God to become lifegivers...aah...what a thought! Father God, let your stamps be impressed so deep in me, I become all that you God created me to be. Let me bring beauty into the lives I touch every single day of my life.

La perspectiva de ser estampada por Dios para ser dadoras de vida...wao...que pensamiento! Padre Celestial, que tus sellos sean estampados en mi tan profundamente, tal que yo sea todo lo que me creaste a ser. Que brinde yo belleza a todas las vidas que de una manera u otra yo toque.

May He stamps on you His vision, His passion, His heart...and when He does pursue it with all of your heart. Love you always...see you tomorrow with more of what He gives me...stamping art for you.

Que pueda El estampar en ti Su vision,. Su pasion, Su corazon...y cuando El lo haga, persiga eso con todo su corazon. Les quiero mucho...les veo manana con mas de lo que El me de estampaos para ti.

Jessica Urrutia
Your Stampin'Up! Demo/Su Demo de Stampin'Up!


  1. Hi friend, I want to read this book. Counseling people is what I love to do, I love to be able to participate alongside God as he binds up the brokenhearted,proclaims freedom for the captives
    and releases the prisoners from darkness; but it is also intense and draining and I continually look for things that inspire, refresh me and relax me. Your post on facebook last night prompted me to go look for this book and now I want to read it...Thanks so much for inspiring me. I love you and bless you in the name of Jesus Christ.

    1. Thanks Eva!! Let His courage lead you, being in His will is exciting. So happy you know what is He called you to do and you love it! You are perfect for the task He appointef you to. :) love you too dear friend!

  2. Oh what a great word. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. You are such a blessing in my life.

    1. You are to mine!!! Thanks for being there through my strong moments and also my weak ones. Love you tons!!


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