Oct 5, 2012

Baby box

Hello everyone, it's been a pretty busy week but I'm still creating here and there. A friend asked how I do what I do while I take care of my three little children, take care of the house, cook, do laundry....well..hum! I think I'm still learning to dance His dance. Grace. Little by little, one step at a time. That's it! I divide almost all my projects in steps and do a bit at a time. I may use my dining table or my baby's changing table, but it seems to me I'm always creating or dreaming of creating something.

So! Yesterday while cleaning (yes, I do clean my house!) I was brainstorming about a gift for a friend's baby. I had the card, I had the gift, but where O where to put my gift? Hmm...found it!! Check it out. Can you guess what I used for it? Tell me tell me...is so fun to know you thoughts!
For the card I used the I DIG YOU stamp set and the A WORD FOR YOU for the sentiment.
On the inside I used my beautiful BROADSHEET ALPHABET with the baby's initials. I think mama
was very happy!

Last week I gave my club members a little surprise inside their product bags. A baggie with all the materials to make two of these cute little box. It could hold 3 x 3 cards with envelopes, or chocolates or whatever small goodie. I'm n a mission to not only share what I learn with them but also INSPIRE them. I like free gifts, surely they do too!
Cut one inch off the bottom and stick together
with a strong adhesive (sticky strip or Tombow works great)

Remember the box I made for my friend's bulky card HERE? This is it. Il be making a tutorial soon if anyone is interested. I found this idea online but I would like to make some changes on the measurements to make it easier. Hope it inspire you to make beauty around you and keep shining for Jesus in ALL you do!

Last but not least, we are having our first INSPIRE meeting this next Friday! October 12th at 6PM. Please reserve your space before Tuesday the 9th. We will have tables for you to craft your own creations...ribbon, fabric, paper, scrapbooking or beading..I don't mind. Let's just inspire each other and make beauty around us.
Leave me your love with your comments! A truth for you, yes for you my friend ;-):

Jessica U.


  1. Hi Jessica,
    I just love every single project you show in your post today. Well, for me it looks like you used an old "pringles" box to store the gift in. Am I right or totally wrong?
    Have a great sunday

    1. You were close Tascha! But not a pringles one, an Quaker oatmeal one. :-) Is just bigger so all my goodies fit nicely inside, then baby's mommy could use it for socks, bags or leggos. Like me! Blessings my friend and thanks for replying!! You are awesome!


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