Oct 6, 2011

Creative Friends

Hello!! I super need to share this with you today. God has been so good to me to put by my side ladies that are full of His creative power. I decide to download some cards some ladies from my Clubs gave me in the last weeks. I am in awe of their creativity. So today I honor them!! There names are Brandi Evans, Jennifer Bailey and Cindy Herbet. Thanks for blessing me with these my sweet friends. You made my day. God knew I needed a lift, and He sent you!!

This is from my wonderful friend Brandi Evans. First time stamping!! Can you believe it? She is awesome. My watermark says was created by me, but no, it was all her idea. These are from her first Stampin Up order. Im impressed!

These two are from my sweet sister Jen Bailey. She came one Saturday and started experimenting. Voila!! These came from her, aren't they amazing? She made me one with my initial. :-)

Last but not least, Cindy Herbet surprised me yesterday with a card during Club. I realized I could make a different watermark, so I did with hers. She has no idea how much it blessed me to know she was thinking of me. I so like "homemade" cards. I can't remember when was the last time I bought a card at the store. Haha!! You made my day my friend. Thanks Lord Jesus for amazing ladies surrounding me and encouraging on my journey. I am simply blessed!

Jessica Urrutia

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