Feb 9, 2024

Faith Fridays: Scrapbooking Prompt FIND

Faith Fridays

It is an opportunity to inspire you to create with a simple prompt. A word that starts with the letter F. My God is in the Story Scrapbook Club will be using this as a catapult to FIND the stories that tell of Him. The stories we are called to share with others. The stories of His goodness and mercies. Inside the group a list of prompts will be added for all to choose one word and freely tell more, see more, share more. Find, Fail, Friends.. are just a few.

For those who prayed

My Mama is doing so much better and is receiving the care she needs. We continue to love on her and pray for God's mercies to be poured over her and my Daddy. Pray she regains strength, healing continues and revival for my entire family comes. 02/09/24


From previous post...Back in 2020 not only my Dad had a tumor on his head that was threatening his life, but my pregnancy started right at the beginning of covid, a new move and the rearing head of a problem called seizures. In one of those I lost consciousness. Was the scariest thing I've ever experience. I am so grateful my sweet husband, was there to protect me and my then unborn baby. Neither of us suffer loss but a true scare indeed. 

One thing I know

I know My Redeemer lives. He has protected me from so many perils and brought me out of miry clay. As I walk through the valleys of shadow of death, he has been my comfort. Truly. 2023 came with more challenges as my sweet Mom's health started to decline and my Dad experienced a second brain surgery. My sweet Mom moved to a new home to be cared for. My Daddy is learning to care for himself without Mom by his side, sister and I being his biggest cheerleaders for sure. Both are surrounded by grace and for this I am grateful... will continue

Read this story from the beginning here...

It is a season to be grateful

During my scrapbooking club this 2024 we are starting the year from a perspective gratitude. This gratitude fuels our desire to tell more of His stories, looking to share where we saw His goodness and how His love never fails. 

I invite you

Join me in God is in the Story Scrapbook Club. A private group of stampers who love Jesus and love scrapbooking their stories.  I am extending an invitation this month to join my club for only $15.00 a month if you are a Stampin’Up! Demonstrators in the USA or an order of $15.00 per month for customers or $45/quarter. I would love to testify with you of His goodness. If interested check my post tomorrow.

I am Jessica Urrutia. USA Independent Demonstrator for Stampin’Up! I stamp to cheer the brokenhearted and connect my friends to Jesus. If you have any questions email me at stampablessing@gmail.com. Join my Club, check my blog stampablessing.com and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Thanks for being here! 


Thanks for being here today! 

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I am Jessica Cruz de Urrutia, 

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