Aug 14, 2022

In the Little Bits

August hello my dear

Summer is almost gone.

School is starting.

With that, routine will set in.

This mom of four is very happy.

My plan: to do just a little every day that I know pleases Him.

Giving God glory with the little bits

Some times I feel I only have little bits to give.

My time and energy can only cover so much.

Today I prayed God is glorified in the little bits. 

When I am not able to do as much I wish I could.

When I am limited by time or my own weakness.

God be glorified even in my little bits.

Help me to give you my best.


How refreshing when someone reminds you of your calling, your purpose, His BIG plan. 

Today, a guest speaker came to speak to church.

He asked the question, "What is your calling? Do you know it?"

In a instant I was brought to the answer. I've known it for quiet some time.

To cheer the broken-hearted and connect my friends to Jesus.

What is your superpower?

To start again. 

That was my answer a while back and how fitting for such a time as this.

I will start again.

Today I start blogging again.

Tomorrow Monday we start school at the Urrutia's household.

Soon videos will resume.

Where have you been?

Feels as if I just finished taxes, 

finished school evals, 

finished a stamps sale,

finished planning my daughter's Sweet 16th,

finished a great time with my parents and sister, 

finished laundry -to start again-, 

finished a Christian conference 

to simply start again.

Just Do It!

Yes, is a slogan.

But feels refreshing to simply say it. 

Do it again Lord.

Show me the way.

I will follow you. 


My three (schooled) musketeers. 

I love them so much.

I scrapped these pages to present their school portfolios.

I love having my Stampin'Up! goodies available.

Now, is time to get back to them. 

See you This Week!

I am Jessica Cruz de Urrutia, 

Stampin'Up! Independent Demonstrator

My mission is

To cheer the broke-hearted and connect my friends to Jesus through excellent creativity and truly caring for the one.

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