Aug 16, 2022

2022 Craft Room Organization Tip# 1

Organizing Crafts.

During the month of June I lead an effort inside my Stampin'Up! team of creators the Blessed Stampers. We all did a bit of organizing. It was a great effort! I was able to tackle certain areas and develop new ways of keeping things in order. We called it our Decide, Declutter, Donate, Delight Event.

The Inevitable.

As usual after a time of crafting your Craft Table becomes a complete havoc. Can you tell? 

20 Minute Hack

I actually think I developed a good system to keep my areas in order during the month of June. I gave the 20-minute hack a try and time and time again it worked. At times may take me more than 20 minutes but setting the timer and getting to it actually helps me to focus and get my area clean. Below how I found my craft table. 

Getting back to stamping.

After what seemed like a LOOONG hiatus I am back stamping again. I got back from visiting my parents to complete 10 swaps for my team's Mini Catalog Swap lead by my friend Bobbi Olmstead. So inspiring. From there I had several events including my Paper Pumpkin Peeps monthly meeting. They are so encouraging. And now I don't lie to you, I am waking VERY early in the morning to enjoy a quiet time listening to my Bible app while I craft and pray for those I am preparing cards for. It is becoming one of my favorite times of the day. I have a long list of projects overdue so needless to say my table ended up a mess. Yeah, so bad! :/

Get In There.

Last night I simply got in there. Set my phone timer for 20 minutes and got my  used/inked stamps cleaned, card stock back to its place, clear blocks in its place, till the table went back looking pretty. I LOVE entering my crafting room and find it neat (at least the table right?). It is inviting. I am so blessed to have a wonderful room like this. I don't want to take it for granted. Thanks Jesus! 

Organization Tip #1 Simply Start.

I need to encourage you to simply start. The mess didn't happen in a day, so why expect to have it all pretty in one day. Go for it. Set a day, a time, and a timer. If able call a friend, chat with her while you pick up -thanks Maria ;) or listen to a fun podcast -I love Simple Scrapper- I'm sure you can find a fun organization episode as well, hehe! 

I love this quote from Zig Ziglar. Can be applied to our craft rooms as well! I encourage you to simply start.

Find THAT spot.

This was my first spot I decided to C.L.E.A.R. when I started organizing my room in June 2022. I HAD to declutter after I moved since ALL that had no place to go was thrown into this room. I had a baby and took me months to declutter.  I will share those pics another time. 

In the meantime, where is THAT spot that makes you crazy? This below was my sore spot. Start with a small spot. Take a pic of the before and after and get it done. EVEN if it takes you two week or more. Go little by little. 20 minutes here and there.

You Got This! 

Starting is the key. Having a simple system and a place for your more important tools helps. Here are the results of my 20 minutes effort. Loving my table and ready to tackle more projects. Stay tune.

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  1. Thank you for the tip and the encouragement. I always need encouragement. 😊


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