Nov 6, 2021

Systems Saturday: Push the Reset Button

Do you ever wish you had a reset button at home?

Where when you press it all goes back to its place as it was before the mess happened. Well, I wish I do!

But since in our imperfect world that still doesn't exist we have to make it happen little by little. 

Let's start on Saturdays.

Yes, today is Systems Saturday. 

Each Saturday I will share my progress on my own systems strategy to keep our craft rooms looking pretty, functional and inspiring. 

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Let's start with our craft tables.

Do you actually have a specific spot to craft? I know some do not. When I started stamping all took place on my kitchen table. I then move to the kitchen counter, my laundry table, with time the baby's changing table turned into my craft table (inside the baby's room of course, he didn't mind sharing!). Shh! His closet became my craft closet too, but we will talk about that later. From there I moved into a new house and what was supposed to be a "nursery" inside our Master's bedroom became my craft "room". It was open and without closet but I made it work with some Walmart tables purchased years ago for a craft fair. Hey! They still work. Now, in my new home (hopefully the one I will stay for many MANY years) I finally have a ROOM. It is in the basement, no closet but nice windows. There I placed my two foldable tables. Something like this.

What do I keep on my tables? 

On the left side of my main table, shown here I keep my camera so naturally the most used materials are there. My inks, Adhesives, Clear blocks, paper placemats, useful tools inside cups (scissors, bone folder, stapler, pen, ruler)

It is important to have at hand what you use most often. I normally create a big mess while crafting. I craft HONESTLY in a hurry because my time is packed with goodness (family, school, cooking, trips to dance or baseball, coop, church, etc, etc.) and leave things behind closed behind doors for when I have  time to pick it up like today! 

On the right side I keep my big cutter and my scoring tool. Both used a lot. 

Sneak Peak! Center Stage Gifts 2021

This week is our beloved Stampin'Up! demonstrators annual conference and I am so excited to share it is the first time I will join as one of the Leaders. I was promoted to Silver Elite back in May 2021 and Stampin'Up! sent these to celebrate this accomplishment. What a wonderful surprise in the mail!

Since is all about using what we love and not creating clutter I put my new gifts to work right away. My favorite is the small "pencil" holder box. I used it for my favorite glue, my Tomboy Liquid Glue. Is perfect! Now is always ready to use. 

My medium size one was used for my latest stamps and the biggest to keep white cardstock (my go-to), catalogs and my stamping mat. It feels good to be neat! Thanks Stampin'Up! 

Hope you are inspired to start somewhere. What better place than your craft table or spot.

Take the time to connect with me in the platform of your choice sharing how you keep your craft table organized and what you have on them?  Prepare your minds for action! 

Share your progress. Email me, visit my facebook group, join and share or share below in the comments. Maybe my post inspires you to get your tables ready to craft! 

Join my Team of Demonstrator 
for only $75 (normally $99) and receive so much more! Would love to have you join! Check more details today here. 

One of my team members, Mari Cancel shared some thoughts about WHY joining? Thanks Mari for your love and support!
"I think I will rejoin!" were her first words haha! Afterwards she shared, "Blessed Stampers is a group where we have fun creating and at the same time our spirits are lifted. Come as you are because you will not leave the same. We all love the Lord. We laugh together and also share in each other's pains and losses. All the ladies in the group are unique in their own way! Join, you will not regret it. Blessings!"

I am Jessica Urrutia and would LOVE meeting you!



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