Nov 24, 2020

Tuesday Tips & 24 HR Online Extravaganza

Top Tip Tuesday

Top Tip Tuesday is my desire to share siple tips that will help you make your creative journey easier, cleaner, more organized or simply more fun. I will keep this going for as long as I find super cool tips that will help you on your stamping journey! Want to share some with me to post here, send me an email here! Would love showcasing your tips too! We can learn from each other. :)

Want Shiny Clear Blocks?

Well then is super simple BUT I've never tried it before. My clear stamping blocks were so dirty my dear. They get dirty with use. Ink, adhesives, oils from our hands, anything! And right this season with Covid-19 and Flu doesn't have sanitizer at home? I have several bottles so decided to give it a go. Check out the difference! 

So can you see how dirty I let my clear blocks get? Sooorry! 

I added some drops of sanitizer in each.

This one in particular was ugly! :p 

I added some and scrub with a clean paper towel!

Check out how SHINY it looks now! Love it! All that dirt went to the paper towel.
What I love the most is I didn't even need to leave my craft room to wash them. 

My supplies

GermX clear sanitizer (I guess any works really)

Clean Paper Towels

Dirty Clear Blocks?

For this clear block I add some drops of sanitizer and moved it around and left it there for a minute. Then I scrubbed and it all came out. Looks like NEW! The little things that make me happy!

You can find all these wonderful clear blocks in my store here! 

What's Next?

My next step: ONLY TODAY Tuesday Nov 24th 


Nearly all 2020–2021 Annual Catalog items are eligible for the 10% discount. 

Visit my store here!

Current Hostess Code: HA3SWEPW

Let me Know Below!

Have you tried sanitizer on your blocks before?

Will you?  I will from now on. I actually think I will leave this bottle on my craft table. Yeap! 

It is a joy for sure to have you here! Thanks for taking the time to stamp with me and walk this journey. 

I am Jessica Urrutia and would LOVE meeting you!

If you don't have a Stampin'Up! Independent Demonstrator I am here to serve and encourage you in the journey through stamping projects and God's Word. If you do don't be shy, say hello! Let's walk and encourage each other in the Lord. It is all about Jesus, without Him I would NOT be here blogging and/or stamping. 

Starting all over again sometimes seems to be the hardest thing. 
Keep me in your prayers, follow me in social media under Stamp a Blessing (FacebookInstagramYoutube) and visit my blog often. I will share more photos of my Craft room here for sure very soon and so much more God has in store for us. Thanks again for ALL of your beautiful support, emails, gifts, cards and so much more. You are my blessings! 

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