Nov 19, 2020

Craft Room Set Up! Part 1

Absolutely love these Willow Tree angels

Hello there,
It has been a long time since I shared a bit of what is going on in my life since maybe the beginning of August. More on that below. I am so EXCITED to share again with you here in my blog and other social media platforms. Life has been chaotically beautiful. Back in July I moved to BEAUTIFUL Pennsylvania, the place I want to call home forever, I then had several hiccups with my health, and right after Baby Benjamin was bornt. One thing I can say today, God has been faithful. Through it all, my eyes have been on Him and His eyes on me.

Craft Room Set Up!

In my new home I have the blessing of having a separate room for all my crafts. I have moved many MANY times before and this time I HAD to deal with the AMOUNT of stuff I have accumulated through the years. Big move, Health challenges, new baby and the start of a new school year threw this task (craft room declutter) to the end of my list (Though in my heart was very close to the toppy top!)

This Willow Tree Angel is called "Happiness". I love how the birds 
rest on her praising arms. Let my life bring you praise Lord Jesus!

Following the suggestions of several friends I decided to START somewhere, even if it was a teeny bit at a time and BELIEVE ME, my progress has been very very SLOW! But by the grace of God and great friends encouraging me we are progressing. Here is Step 1 below.

O, dear! What a big mess. believe me this is nothing compared to the floors.
I will show more on that soon. Let's focus on the tables for now. 

These were my tables when I started. A BUNCH of stuff on them. Even things that never belonged in my craft room ended in there. Hey! I had no control of this process at the beginning. Hubby and kids were ABSOLUTELY amazing fixing the house and helping me get ready for the baby, so no complains just gratefulness. 

Some friends and fellow demonstrators challenged me to make some space to craft by starting with the tables. That I did. Thanks to so many who have been checking on me through the weeks and weeks of no sleep and therefore no stamping, no videos, no daydreaming. Baby is finally entering a better pattern, sleeps 3-4 hours stretches through the night and I feel ALIVE again. :)

Thanks for the beautiful emails, cards and gifts. My goodness, you truly made a HUGE difference in my healing and enthusiasm. More on that in a future blog post. 

This is my long table were I will be filming my videos. To the left I have everything ready for stamping. My paper placemats, ink pads, clear blocks, Stampin'Blends, adhesives and easy to reach tools.

To the right of this table I decided to place the main tools I use during card making: My fave cutters, Stamparatus, Scoring Tool and some wonderful reminder of His blessings. Photos, photos of my family and His Word! They are all part of what makes life beautiful for me.

Can you spot my lights on the left?

I am NOT entirely done as you can see, my pictures are still on the table instead of the wall, but Im going for progress not perfection. They will be on the walls here soon! 
This table holds space for my scrapbooking, my second hobbie! Also a good spot to take photos and write notes on my recently made cards. 

What's Next?


My next step: FACEBOOK LIVE this coming Monday November 23, 2020 in the Stamp a Blessing Group! Did you get your new Paper Pumpkin kit? Let's stamp with it together! It is the cutest! 

Create a Creative Environment

"One thing I do that helps me to think more strategically and wisely, and therefore pray more effectively, is to be mindful about my environment. Your environment will impact your attitude, focus, faith, and the intentionality of your thougths. If you are surrounded by clutter, noise, reminders of lack, and other problems, you will find it more difficult to think past those limiting issues. You have the power to create an inspirational environment around yourself.

I like beauty---anything that's beautiful, clean, and orderly automatically gives me inspiration." ~Cindy Trim, Book Commanding Your Morning

Mark 9:23 says, "Jesus said to him, "If you believe, all things are possible to him who believes."

This blessed me so much this morning as I prepared to write this blog post. EsPECIally because I am sharing about my Craft Room set up. God created each of us unique and her words echo my heart. My desire to display His beauty through creativity. Let's start creating a Creative Environment. Invite God's Presence into everything you do. He makes THE difference. 

Let me Know Below!

How do YOU create a creative environment?  

It is a joy for sure to have you here! Thanks for taking the time to stamp with me and walk this journey. 

I am Jessica Urrutia and would LOVE meeting you!

If you don't have a Stampin'Up! Independent Demonstrator I am here to serve and encourage you in the journey through stamping projects and God's Word. if you do dont be shy, say hello! Let's walk and encourage each other in the Lord. It is all about Jesus, without Him I would NOT be here blogging and stamping. 

Starting all over again sometimes seems to be the hardest thing. 
Keep me in your prayers, follow me in social media under Stamp a Blessing (FacebookInstagramYoutube) and visit my blog often. I will share more photos of my Craft room here for sure this week and so much more God has in store for us. Thanks again for ALL of your beautiful support, emails, gifts, cards and so much more. You are my blessings! 

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! And look at those lovely windows, girlfriend! How wonderful! Wishing you much sunshine and hours of happy stamping! Love you! xox


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