Sep 24, 2019


Hello my dears,

For quite some time I've been wanting to do something like this! 
A time were I pick already-made cards from my stash to share with a list of people I tend to forget and want to be INTENTIONAL in blessing.

Would you like to join this challenge with me? 
If you do keep reading below.

For this New Creative Challenge all you have to do is share a photo of the card you will either mail or give personally to the person indicated in the challenge. Check the list a above! 

This is not a "let's make a new card each day" type of challenge, though you are welcome to create new cards each time you are able.
This is more relax. More like let's share of the abundance we have received form the Lord with others and make a difference, bring a smile, share an 'I Love You', 'I am thinking of You', 'You matter', 'I care for you', 'I see you', 'I am praying for you', and even a 'Thank you' with someone you normally don't or tend to forget.

So are you READY! I am sure you are. 
Follow these steps below and join the fun.
I am inviting my community to add prizes from their stash for the one person who completes this awesome challenge! If we have many prizes, we will then try to give a second and third place prize after 5 gifts! We will choose  person from the one who sends the most cards during our #23caringcards challenge.
If you do 23, that's awesome, if you 20 thats great, if you do 10! 
Yay! I am giving away this fabulous stamp set and will keep adding more to the Gift Basket! Check a list on this post on facebook and go add your own gifts from your heart!

Prizes will be distributed between the top participants of this challenge, other random gifts will be shared randomly on different days  choosing a current participant. Stay in touch with me in my Facebook Stamp a Blessing closed group. 
This is my FIRST prize offered for one loving person that participates!
The Woven Heirlooms Stamp Set

What to do to participate?

1. Each day take the time to share the card you are mailing or giving personally with a photo under my Facebook Group Stamp a Blessing assignated post for that day OR post on your Instagram Account with hashtag #23caringcards. If you choose to use Instagram, please let me know as I will need to be one of your followers to see them. Some people have private accounts. If you start a bit late, no worries, go post your card in the appropriate post. First place to post is here.

2. Yes, if by any chance you are not able to give a card to Challenge 3 recipient on Day 3, you can choose to give it to #8 on day 3. Just make a clarification on your post and complete the rest of the list (even if days are a bit different). If something doesn't fit make this challenge your own. Send a card to someone you care about and tell us that day's post! We are on a mission to bless and encourage 23 people in our world. :)

3. Have fun, be a blessing and if able bring a gift for the winner. Yes, I will share some gifts with the winner and I LOVE that in our Stamp a Blessing community everyone brings from what they have to share love with others. Check how fun it was when we did our #PastPaperPumokin kit challenge. 

If you are ready, we start with an easy one. Start whenever but go ahead and start!

9/23Mail a card to a friend! Any friend you have. Maybe one who needs a prayer or encouraging word. Otherwise check the entire list and don't stop! Our challenge is to mail 23 cards to people we care about and share a prayer, a quote, a Bible verse, an encouraging word with them on the inside. Be yourself, make it your way but join us. 

9/24 Mail a Card to a Sick person, someone that you know is struggling with their health. Share a prayer and an encouraging word. In this we make a difference! Love it!

Do one, do two...join as many days you can and go share in our fantastic group! Or Instagram! So excited to see the hashtag #23caringcards come to LIVE. 

September 23, 2019

Yes, 23 cards starting on the 23. See you soon!

Let's be a Bigger Blessing.

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Creative Blessings,

Jessica Cruz de Urrutia
Stampin’Up! Independent Demonstrator since 2010
Newark, Delaware (hablo Español)

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