May 2, 2019

Don't Be Afraid of Stamping PODCAST

What a 
beautiful surprise to have been invited to be a guest in the amazing Scrapbook My Way podcast lead by Jennifer Wilson, owner of the Simple Scrapper community I belong to.

You can listen to the podcast here! 
Oh dear! I was so happy talking about my favorite hobby! Hope you get inspired and excited to use all your beautiful stamps either on your scrapbook pages or cards! I use them every day for all! Check the interview above! 

Thanks to Jennifer Wilson for the unique and awesome opportunity! If you don't have 'Scrapbook Your Way' in your podcast library, you are missing out!
You can find it in any of your podcast providers. I use PodBean.

Jennifer Wilson leads the Simple Scrapper community and you can certainly find more information here!
BE AWARE, you will fall in love with her and these awesome memory keepers! 

Psst....this weekend a great offer to join will come! 

Stay tune as this weekend is National Scrapbooking Day! Oh my! So much to share!

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