Mar 22, 2018

LAUGHTER: Magnificent Friends

I arrived in new land not long ago.
Busy as my life regularly is, forming  friendships takes some time.
Nevertheless, the Lord prepared some amazing women to receive me and carry me with love in what He knew would be a heavy season.

One of them I met one Sunday, she was quietly worshiping the Lord by me. 
When the time came to say HELLO to your neighbor, we smiled and embrace.
I am so grateful, I feel I know her since long ago.

In the next Sundays we happened to join the SAME growth track class. We sat together and share thoughts and smiles. A friendship started forming.

Then one day, she surprised me with this beauty.
My new friend Debbie, watched one of my videos and realized the word LAUGHTER was very important to me this year. 

I am so grateful for the BEAUTY that she irradiates and she is also an amazing crafter. O dear! God knows what He does. I needed this boost, she has no idea how much.

Can you see how beautiful is our Lord Jesus?
Thanks Lord for the sweet aroma of your Presence everywhere I go. For following me here with your goodness and surprising me with your LAUGHTER. 

Debbie, her friendship is refreshing. 
Love having her by me each Sunday while we reach up to heaven. 
Lord, bless my friend today. 

Being the promise He gave me for 2018 I needed a sweet reminder.
I had no chance to make myself one. My sweet sister prepared one for me. 

Jesus is SO faithful!

I am so thankful you stopped by today.
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Creative Blessings,

Jessica Cruz de Urrutia
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