Nov 15, 2017

My New Stamping Room

Good morning my dear stamping friends!

Moving is one of those bitter/sweet experiences in life in which you keep reminding yourself SOON all will fall into place.

I want to let you know it doesn't happen as quickly as I wish.
The older I get, DEAR the more I accumulate and drag to places with me.
I realized this time...I have a LOT of things, so the process of unpacking, organizing, donating, decluttering has taken a LOT of my time.

Here are some pictures of my new Creative Room. I am in the process of creating new videos for you and my heart is brewing with hundred ideas to keep you inspired in your stamping, strong in the Lord and creative in the midst of all the changes life brings.

I have gone from having as small closet in my baby's room, to have a laundry space, then a pantry and for the FIRST time in my maybe 11 years of being a paper crafter I NOW have a room to call my own. 

This is how it is looking so far...
I snatched the table lamp from the guest room in the meantime. 
Hehe! I needed LIGHT at night.
The natural light during the day is amazing!

Got to get that trash can and goes with the flow, right!

I have discovered I really like Teal color....must be the 40s kicking into me or something. Everything between Bermuda Bay, Tempting Turquoise and Island Indigo falls into place. Did you see the drapes? Yay! Target power!

My family during Fall Festival. Gotta love my Rapunzel, Fashion Designer
and Strong soldier for the Lord!
Leave me your love with your comments below.
I can't wait for ROUTINE to set in.

I am back in the game and so excited to share more ides and inspiration with you!
Make a difference! 

Jessica Urrutia
Stampin'Up! Independent Demonstrator now in Newark, DE :)


  1. I have missed you. Glad you are back. Love the colors you are using!!


    1. Thanks Marty!
      Your msg bleeses me more than you think. Having a rough time adjusting but doing my best to find my new normal. Blessings!

  2. I'm thankful for you Jessica! The Lord is giving you time to REDEEM the time. Enjoy your creative space- it looks so inviting and bright.

    1. Thanks Jess, still struggling to find THE time but trying to move forward even if super slow. :/ love ya! :)


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