Oct 9, 2017

Get the Quilt Look in your Cards (Video)

Hello! Did you know I love having you in my life.
I am in the midst of moving this week? By Saturday I will be totally away from Pennsylvania and starting a new season in Newark, Delaware.
I do not know what my future holds, but I know WHO holds my future.
What amazing peace He gives.

In other topics, a few days ago I asked the Lord Jesus, why He gave me Stampin'Up? 
He made me blushed. At times He simply wants to makes us happy.
Like when as a Mom I simply get that toy for my child, simply..to make them happy.
Yes, that was His first reply.

I was being still reading a TorchBearers book, Titanic The Ship of Dreams. 
I delight in hearing His voice when I least expect it.
On page 16 I read:
'Did you say that God directed you to London?' Mrs Smithers questioned with a touch of scorn in her voice. 
'Yes I did,' Mr Harper replied with earnestness.
'How does God direct you, does he speak to you from heaven? she continued in a mocking manner.
Mr Harper continued calmly, ignoring her tone of voice. 'The Bible tells me that if I "acknowledge him in all my ways, he will direct my paths". So I know that if I pray to God and rad my Bible He will guide as to what I should do and where I should be. I also know that my life will be happier, because God knows what is best for me far better than I do.'

Patchwork of Ideas
Remember my video on Facebook last month on 3 ways to defeat the creativity thief. One of those ways is focusing on one thing at a time.
For multi-tasking, super-woman wannabe's like me NOT multitasking requires a lot of energy and discipline.
BEING STILL requires that I focus on one thing. 

This month is all about Quilts, patchwork, stitches...
Is all so beautiful and I am delighting in focusing on making cards that resemble the look of Quilts. I was actually inspired by a quilt I saw on Pinterest here to create this card.
Love how a picture can spark an idea!

Watch my video below to enjoy two more ways to make this look on your cards. Join me in this month's challenge. You can read more details to participate with what you have here!

Click here to watch if you can't see the PLAY button below
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I am so thankful you stopped by today.
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Creative Blessings,

Jessica Cruz de Urrutia
Stampin’Up! Independent Demonstrator since 2010
Lewisburg, PA (hablo Español)

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  1. Awesome, again! I love it all, and your presentation! TFS!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to write with all the things you have to do!! Thanks for "being still". Love you dearly!


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