Oct 2, 2017

Cultivate Being STILL

We hear often that life is a journey, but we rarely consider resting, pausing and stopping part of a successful, well-lived life. Have you ever place the word stop on your to-do list?

This month I want to challenge you in a kind and gentle way to stop more, rest more and Cultivate being still. This comes from a very energetic puertorican, loud as can be, driven and energetic mother of 3 homeschooled children, wife to a caring husband with an extremely demanding job and an impending move to another state in 2 weeks. 

Yes, I keep hearing His gentle call to be still. In the midst of a loud life, He is calling me to cultivate stillness. Cultivate and plan my stops in this journey. Not only a summer vacation or a Christmas getaway. No, He wants me to delight in Him every day, to stop and breathe each day, to not loose focus of what really matters.

Every time I go with my family on a long trip my husband and I talk about the stops. We actually make specific rest stops. We tell each other when and where we plan to stop to relax, stretch, use the "rest"rooms and let the kids play. Believe me, the journey is way more delightful this way. We need more rest stops in our days. 

Life, seems to me, is a beautiful song composed by the Composer of composers. There will be a beginning and end, low and high pitched moments, piano, forte, fortissimo and so on. But many songs also have slurs. I am learning believe me. Music has so much in it, way more than the lyrics. Slurs add pauses. Slurs add interest. It tells when a phrase  was intended to start and when was intended by the composer or editor to end. Yes, all this on just one song. Not easy to accomplish as my piano playing skills are still what I call elementary. Surprisingly, I tend to ignore the slurs. I forget to look at them. Sigh. I am focused on playing the right note, on keeping the right tempo, on the syncopation of sounds, on my pedal up and down, on my 5-finger contact.....Sigh again. Most times, I need to slow down in order to seeeee the slurs.

Today I made this card for you. 

As I start a new Creative Challenge this month with the theme of Quilts. You can see more details on this here. I simply want you to consider the beauty and gift of  crafting as a gift given with the intention of resting, pausing, stopping. 

Cultivate Being Still....what ways do you cultivate being still? 
Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

His Word, My Inspiration

Psalm 46:10

I will be posting more beautiful projects with the Quilt Builder Framelits Dies
 and Christmas Quilt Stamp set on my next post. 
So excited to share more about this month's creative challenge.
Make a Quilt (stay tune!)

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Creative Blessings,

Jessica Cruz de Urrutia
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  1. Wow Jess- these quilt cards are so classic and beautiful!! I really enjoyed your post abt cultivating rest and relaxation! I have been meditating on Joshua 1:8. His Word is our comfort and peace!!! What a perfect time to rest before you chart your new land in DE!!!

    1. Thanks my deae friend! Indeed...I need to remind myself to STOP. And on purpose do nothing at times to rest in Him. Im learning still! Love you!


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