Jul 3, 2017

On Time for Christmas: Stitched with Cheer

Good morning my sweet stampers,

You bring so much joy into my life. Being consistent always makes me feels energized sooo this weekend here and there I worked in small chunks on finishing this Christmas kit I have since last year.
Do you have ANY kits waiting for you to be completed.

Set a goal, a date and go for it!

I WILL be On Time for Christmas.
If you click on the sidebar label "On Time for Christmas" You will see all the cards I've been making since January 2017. Its been so fun to use my materials and NOT limit myself to just use new stuff when Stampin'Up! brings it out soon. Can't wait thou! 

I am loving the process. Hope to inspire you to tackle this awesome wrk of love to be ready to enjoy the season of Joy this coming December. 

I WON'T be making Christmas cards on December....I will be sending them and enjoying the celebrations with my family. Hehe...ok, maybe Il make one or two. Just cause I LOVE card making, right. 

These are the three different types of cards that came with the Stitched with Cheer Kit.
I FINALLY made it, as I said in small increments. It was actually easy. Loved the results.

And JUST like that I now have 65 cards made out of my 100 goal! 

Are you working on any long term goal?
Mine is 10 cards per month.
I had to skipped April, so missed those 10, but with this kit I made 5 more. Hehe!

Love you all, have a beautiful day!

Jessica Urrutia


  1. what a great idea to use up a quick kit ON TIME for Christmas. You are so close to your goal- yippee!!!

    1. Thanks my friend! It feels so good to accomplish SOMETHING! Hehe! God is good. Glad Ive bn a le to finf the time. Love you tons!


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