Jun 22, 2017

The Artwork of the Master by Jan Hess

The Artwork of the Master

As I sit on my porch in the pause between storms, I am overwhelmed by the sounds of creation, the very handiwork of God.  Straggling raindrops drip in rhythm from the roof, while birds add their melodies from the trees.  Rumblings of thunder announce the approaching storm from the west, as the vibration of wings announces the approach of a hummingbird as she swoops down to the feeder for a “spot of tea.”  From inside the house, an unexpected sound coming begins to accompany the music outside: the drone of a heavily-breathing husband as he takes a brief before-going-to-bed kind of nap.  All at once, my gaze is turned upward to the sight of water-logged clouds being pursued by the glow of a sun in its refusal to give way to the gray.  What an Amazing Artist stands behind it all!  In the midst of the impending storm on earth, dwellers-in-Heaven are even now singing and shouting praises to the One who created all things according to His will and for His pleasure!  (Revelation 4:11)  And we dwellers-on-earth join in, marveling at our God’s creative power!  Yes, in the beginning God created:  heavenly bodies and earthly ones, planets and plants, stars and starfish, angel warriors and human worshipers.

In spite of all the astounding beauty that surrounds us, the awe and wonder of you and me surpasses it all for out of all the wonders brought forth by a simple word spoken from the Creator’s mouth, only we humans were made in His image.  And as we are bearers of the image of our God who is Creator, we possess the ability to create—not just to reproduce—but to actually bring something into existence that emerges from an imaginative mind! 

Beyond the initial act of creating you and me, the bible tells us that in the here and now, we are God’s workmanship. (Ephesians 2:10)  This word “workmanship” in the original language is “poema” from which we derive our word “poem.” Yes, WE are the Father’s poem, His work of art, His masterpiece, intended to display His creativity and His character!

Now, when we women exercise our creative gifts—whether it be stamping or sewing, painting or performing, writing or composing—we step back to take a good long look at what our hands have made and often find ourselves displeased, disenchanted, disappointed.  The idea we had in our minds did not translate so well onto the page, the stage or the cloth.   In a similar way, we step back and take a hard long look at ourselves, the work of the Father’s hands, and wonder how it is that we were made “this way.”  Not so with our Heavenly Father!

The Master Artist, who conceived us in His heart and mind before the world began, never steps back from His artwork and says, “I wish I would have made it this way instead.”  Rather, He declares, “It is very good!”  As you step back and take a look at God’s masterpiece of you, have you been denying the beauty with which the Father has dressed you?  Are you focusing on the spots and blots, blemishes and flaws, only to be displeased, disenchanted, disappointed?  If so, I encourage you today to step toward the One whose very work of art you are, to listen for His voice and hear Him say to your heart, “You have been fearfully and wonderfully made and My delight is in you.  My thoughts of you are precious and more numerous than the sands of the sea.  You are My workmanship and I do not make mistakes. Take heart, dear daughter, for you are lovely—and loved—and there is no flaw in you.  Rejoice today in what your Father’s hands have made:  YOU!”

For further encouragement, read Psalm 139.  It is the Father’s letter of delight regarding His prize masterpieces!

In His love,

Jan Hess

I am so grateful for these words and the gift of writing my sweet sister in Christ Jan Hess has. Thanks Jan for sharing the heart of the Father with me and each of my readers. Love you so much, Jess

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The Lord is SO good! You are His Artwork!


  1. I was enthralled with the writing and the messages.... what a beautiful post (and friend you have, of course!) Thank you so much for always sharing such beauty, Jessica, in art, through friends and of your heart! XOX

    1. Thanks my dearest friend. Your words are always refreshing. Love you tons!

  2. Jan, your eloquent words convey such beauty and vivid imagery of God's love AND power. Thank you for declaring His truth to me today😃

  3. Jan, you described in such wonderful words what an awesome creative & loving God we have. I worked with a population of people who were born with many challenges physically & mentally. Yes, God does not make mistakes, we are all wonderfully made. Thank you for so eloquently stating this.

    1. Thanks for sharing Janet, will share your words as the ones above with Jan. She will be blessed to read them. Many blessings!


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