Jun 8, 2017

Faith Designer: Are you Ready to Change

Are You Ready to Change?

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Hello Blogosphere, Jessica A. here to partner up with my name twin Jessica U. on an exciting adventure aimed to bless women wherever they are. As I reflect on the new discoveries and sense of peace that has bombarded my life over of the past few months, I attribute it all to change. Like it or not, we all undergo a level of change on a daily basis- change of clothes, travel lanes, attitude and of course the natural change of aging! But the most radical life-giving and all-inspiring type of change is found only in Christ Jesus. I have been a Christian for many years now and I’m still amazed with the realization that the closer I walk with God, the more He re-shapes me to be more like Him. Whether you are curious (or cautious), a baby Christian or a well-seasoned Christian, my hope is that you too experience a transformational change in your life starting today!!!

I believe people all over the world long for the fundamental convictions of living a life full of purpose, truth, love, justice and affirmation. If the provision of these core values were left to man alone, we would still have a deep void because no one can possibly meet one or all of these needs. Only a Creator bigger than me, wiser than any philosopher and more loving than a family member or friend can revive my heart. This Creator is personal: Christ our Creator, Savior, Redeemer and Friend. Where’s the proof you ask? These examples are just a primer for greater things found in the Word: the promise of His plan in Genesis 15:1-6, the purpose for all mankind in John 14:1-7, the depths of His love in 1 John 4:9-12 and justice for the world in Psalm 110:1-2.

I hope that you are encouraged to embrace this mind/heart-altering change in your life today. It’s simple really and the gift is available to anyone. Will you be bold enough to draw near (we can all draw nearer) to the only life-support that will revive your life in the present and for eternity?

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All change begins with a desire for something more or better than our current situation. I hope you keep asking questions, read the Bible (there’s a reason it’s the #1 best-seller of all time!) and take that step toward a permanent renewal. I guarantee that you will not only see change but also, you will BE changed!

Welcome to Stamp a Blessing my sweet and godly friend Jessica Adams.
I am so excited to embark in this new journey were I share with you not only what God is doing in my life, stamping projects and ideas, but also sharing the Word of God through amazing friends that have impacted my life through the years.

Expect a different designer every Thursday! This is a priceless gift I am so grateful for.
Thanks Jessica A. (my name and heart twin!)

Will you be bold enough to draw near (we can all draw nearer) to the only life-support that will revive your life in the present and for eternity?

Change my heart Oh Lord,

Jessica U.


  1. How exciting to see this blog post go live-in change is happening and I am thankful God shapes us to be like Him by living for Him!!! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this journey. Back from vacation soon but thanks for posting this Jess!!!

    1. Oh Jess, these words are soo timely! Thanks for sharing your heart and the heart of God with us. May we grow more anx more in the knowledge of Him. Have a restful time!


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