Feb 4, 2017

Sharing Life: Guess What I am...READING?

Living beyond the Level of Mediocrity
by Charles Swindoll
I am changing the pace on some Saturdays to share a bit of what is behind the scenes.

Today I simply want to share what I am reading at the time, next week I will share something different.

Feel free to share with me below what YOU are reading!

This book found me! I was praying about living with excellence and asked the Lord what it means to live with excellence for Him. Then a few weeks later I saw this book on my church's library and borrowed it. I am still savoring this book. It's so rich, so awesome. 

I started to read this book last year. You see with husband, three kids and a home to run, yeap! My reading time is limited. But Oh so treasured! This is a constant struggle for me, to STOP, and rest with determination. I am listening...

And as I was looking for the image on Amazon for this book I found this author wrote a book title LISTEN. How perfect for this year! can't wait to read that one.

She also wrote the book 

THAT is a book I totally recommend. I read it and it has so much wisdomIs one of my jewel books.
I go back to it often.

Since time is scarce and I want to keep learning, I did something different in 2016, I joined the Audio subscription app Audible.
With it I am able to "read" while I cook, do dishes or fold laundry.

I have read several books with this app. I will tell you more on another post, but for the time being I am feasting on the book Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere.

Now is your turn, what are you reading these days? I have read bunches with Audible in the last year. Such a cool addition to my life. 

If you have to pick only one book to read, I wholeheartedly recommend to start with the Bible. No other book gives life. My Bible is my FIRST and favorite book. Where I would be without it?

John 6:63 "The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life."

Creative Blessings,

Jessica Urrutia


  1. What a refreshing book list! I am go to look into the Swindoll book. He is a good and funny writer😃 we love reading around here and I just finished an autobiography called 'Unbroken'. It's a good book and you're right- the BIBLE is the best book--for your life, mind and heart!

    1. Yesss!!! Thanks for sharing what you are reading too Jess! Will look into that one. I really like biographies that inspire me to be my best for Jesus, i enjoy fiction BUT if is not pointing me toward heavely things I shy away from those. Growing, being stretched a ton but rejoicing that Christ is being formed in us. May you look more and more like Him with each passing day. Love you!


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