Nov 15, 2017

My New Stamping Room

Good morning my dear stamping friends!

Moving is one of those bitter/sweet experiences in life in which you keep reminding yourself SOON all will fall into place.

I want to let you know it doesn't happen as quickly as I wish.
The older I get, DEAR the more I accumulate and drag to places with me.
I realized this time...I have a LOT of things, so the process of unpacking, organizing, donating, decluttering has taken a LOT of my time.

Here are some pictures of my new Creative Room. I am in the process of creating new videos for you and my heart is brewing with hundred ideas to keep you inspired in your stamping, strong in the Lord and creative in the midst of all the changes life brings.

I have gone from having as small closet in my baby's room, to have a laundry space, then a pantry and for the FIRST time in my maybe 11 years of being a paper crafter I NOW have a room to call my own. 

This is how it is looking so far...
I snatched the table lamp from the guest room in the meantime. 
Hehe! I needed LIGHT at night.
The natural light during the day is amazing!

Got to get that trash can and goes with the flow, right!

I have discovered I really like Teal color....must be the 40s kicking into me or something. Everything between Bermuda Bay, Tempting Turquoise and Island Indigo falls into place. Did you see the drapes? Yay! Target power!

My family during Fall Festival. Gotta love my Rapunzel, Fashion Designer
and Strong soldier for the Lord!
Leave me your love with your comments below.
I can't wait for ROUTINE to set in.

I am back in the game and so excited to share more ides and inspiration with you!
Make a difference! 

Jessica Urrutia
Stampin'Up! Independent Demonstrator now in Newark, DE :)

Oct 30, 2017

#StampaBlessingChallenge for October

Designed by Maria Rosario
In the midst of all my packing and unpacking I have seen so many beautiful creations with quilts, some sort of patchwork or stitches I got to show them to you here too.

Thanks to my beautiful friends Patricia, Faith, Maria and Wendie...for sharing their lovely creations on Facebook this month.


I may be away for a season but you will always remain in my heart.   Enjoy!

Designed by Patricia Allison

Designed by Wendie Waldman

Designed by Faith Stainbrook

Designed by Faith Stainbrook

Designed by Rebekah Charlotte Hardwood

Designed by Jessica Adams

Will be updating this post tomorrow 10/31 with the winner!
Thanks to all for sharing such precious ideas with me!

Jessica Urrutia

Oct 26, 2017

#ThrowbackThursday Stitches

For this card I follow this video tutorial I recorded this month here.
Hope you give it a try! Subscribe to my channel here!

Created a circle with a paper piercer around this flower/ornament 
to make a faux stitching effect.

I just HAD to make this thread spool with my Envelope Punch Tool.
Loved this project.

More cute faux stitches with a paper piercer.

I discover when you have no coordinating ribbon you can use a strip
or yardstick and a button. Thread the button before glueing! :)

Hope this ideas get you going to create blessings with your hands.
Join the #stampablessingchallenge by October 30th at noon! 
Winner will be announced October 31st on Facebook (or by email to winner)

I am so thankful you stopped by today.
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Creative Blessings,

Jessica Cruz de Urrutia
Stampin’Up! Independent Demonstrator since 2010
Lewisburg, PA (hablo Español)

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God Pause by Guest Designer Jan Hess

 Recently, Jessica has been encouraging you about the importance of being still.  What a seemingly impossible challenge this is for most of us!  I think I can hear many of you saying, “How are we to be still when the nations are in a frenzy, the weather is in a tizzy and our lives are so busy?”  Well, how do we do anything that is impossible for us?  Jesus replies, “What is impossible with man, is possible with God.” (Luke 18:27)

Did you know that the words, “be still,” are a command from God Himself?  No, it is not the “lost 11thCommandment!”  God gave this command at a very tumultuous time.  Psalm 46 gives us a summary of that period in Israel’s history.  The temple musicians composed this song during the days of the kings of Israel and Judah, after the kingdom had been divided and the surrounding nations were constantly threatening to overtake them.  Consider the many unsettled circumstances mentioned in this short psalm: nations raging…mountains quaking…seas roaring…waters foaming…earth melting… weapons firing…kingdoms falling.

We might imagine that the psalmist could have composed this song about our day!  But the maelstrom exists not only in the nations “over there” or the weather “out there.”  No, it is right here…here in my home, my relationships, my job, my heart!   And in the oft-rising, super-woman persona, we demand that we must remain in the center of the bedlam in order to fix it, control it, solve it, or scream “be still” at it!  But that is not where we belong!  Psalm 46 verse 5 tells us that “God is in the midst…” of all the pandemonium.  Yes!  Our God is in the center of it all.  And from this prime position He commands, “BE STILL!” (verse 10).   In the original language of Hebrew, this means, “Cease!  Relax!  Sink down! Let go!”
Reading these words, I hear my own tone of voice as I recall moments when I commanded my children to “STOP IT!” when they were tangling about in their own messy madness and I wonder, “Is that my Father’s tone?” I think not, for His command does not stop there.  The One who is slow to anger, full of compassion and abounding in lovingkindness, continues, “…and know that I am God.”  The Almighty, the Everlasting, the Unchanging God, Who makes wars cease, Who calms raging seas, Who restores our peace, wants us to know Him!  Not just ABOUT Him, but to KNOW HIM personally, intimately, experientially.  This word “know” is the same Hebrew word we read in Genesis, “Now Adam knew Eve and she conceived.”  (Genesis 4:1) Now, that is REAL knowing!

When we find ourselves in the throes of busyness or distress or conflicted relationships, God calls us—commands us—to stop what we’re doing, to say “no” to the feverish “I’ve-gotta-fix-it-right-now” pace, so that we will know Him more intimately, trusting in His sovereignty and resting in His power to accomplish all things that concern us. (See Psalm 138)  
Might you pause for a moment and pray…Dear Father, thank You for being with me in every situation. You know whether I sit or stand.  You are fully aware when I am tossed about by the winds of the day.  You see my heart when I’m overwhelmed, being torn from this side to that.  By faith, I believe that You are right here with me.  From the center of my chaos, enable me to hear and heed Your command to stop, to relax, to sink down and know that You Are.  Teach me to trust that in my letting go, You let loose in the situation.  Then I will experience Your faithful, trustworthy character and be changed.  In the calming name of Jesus, amen.
The Lord gives us a great promise in Isaiah 30: 15 saying, “I will keep you safe if you turn back to me and calm down. I will make you strong if you quietly trust me.”  With that wonderful assurance, the next time you find yourself raging, roaring, foaming, melting, remember the God Pause…STOP. KNOW. I AM.
Note:  In my next two blogs, I’ll be sharing more insights from Psalm regarding our awesome God and His command to BE STILL.  Be sure to check it out!

In His love, 

Jan Hess

Oct 25, 2017

More ways to create Faux Stitches in your cards!

Following on my theme of creating Quilts on my cards and stitches

There are several ways to create the look of stitches in your cards. The card on top shows the look created by the Stitches Shapes Framelits. Don't you love the cool fall effect created with the petals (leaves)  from the Quilt Builder Framelits and the Petal Burst Texture Impressions Folder?

Here I use a paper piercer to create the circle stitch around it. 
You can watch my video here to see this one and 
other faux stitches on my cards.

I so love doilies!

Oooh, did you check the patchwork card I created with this flower?
Check my blog post here or my video here, hope you love it and try it!.

I am so thankful you stopped by today.
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Creative Blessings,

Jessica Cruz de Urrutia
Stampin’Up! Independent Demonstrator since 2010
Lewisburg, PA (hablo Español)

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Essentials Paper-Piercing Pack
Essentials Paper-Piercing Pack
Rich Razzleberry 1/4" Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon
Rich Razzleberry 1/4" Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon


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