Sep 21, 2016

Easy Tips to Complete your Paper Pumpkin Kits!

Easy Tips!

Start by Opening your kit and separating all parts according to what goes with each card style.
See the photo of the completed projects and read the instructions. Yes yes, it does help! 

Why in the world I did not take a photo of this step…hmmm…oops!

Do all your stamping (as able). 
Prior to assembling all parts together.

Don't forget to maybe stamp your envelopes too! CUTE! 

Assemble one set of cards at a time. 
This particular kit came with three types of cards. Start with one style. Feels good to finish at least 3 of them! Also, if you need to stop (to go cook or take care of a messy preschooler!, you know in which step you were and can carry on easily next time you can stamp.

PSST! Start by cutting the length of twine or ribbons needed for each card. Yes you will need a ruler hehe! Have some adhesive of choice at hand unless you only need the dimensionals or glue dots provided (mostly this is the case!) My other adhesive of choice is the Tombow Multipurpose Glue. Great too for wood veneers. :)

Choose what to do with them now?

1. Give them right away. Place the address on the envelope or at least place a post it note inside for someone and set a day to mail them. Placing a post it note note makes your gift a gift they can re-gift. Yikes!
2. Make a special gift of 3-6 cards and place in an handmade envelope or manila envelope and give as a special gift. Surprise someone!

If you have any leftovers. What can we do with them?

1. Use them in notecards. (Coming soon..)
2. Gift them to a friend who would love them. (Would love to do this…means decluttering right!)
3. Share with the kids…kids love embellishments. (maybe they can use them to embellish a bookmark or make an art!)
4. Tip: Keep your stamp set visible. Next time you sit to create think how you can use them again. 

Hope this ideas help you to get your fun time, which at times can be VERY limited, to still get inspired to get your kit open, let's say TODAY! 

And start…the important part is starting….the finishing will come, 15 minutes here and there.

Have no Idea what is Paper Pumpkin?
Visit my Paper Pumpkin place and read more info on this cool monthly kits. 
You can get join my subscriber till October 10th and get the next one FREE! 


  1. This is a great post and looks so easy! I will make good use of my kit today (messy 3 year old and all...) Thanks for keeping it realistic AND simple:)

    1. Thanks Jess!! This is the way I am able to do my Paper P kitsometimes. 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there...Tada! Hope u have a few minutes yo stamp. Plus remember, dont go for perfect go for done! Love YA! :)


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