Jun 4, 2016

Happy Day with Swirly Bird from Stampin'Up!

Happy Day everyone!

It is time for all to TRY relax and enjoy every blessing.

I had a talk with my children this week. 

I explain we have received two gifts from God.

One is play…time to be creative, refreshed ourselves and enjoy all His blessings,

Two, hard work. Work is not a burden, is a blessing. When you finish working hard you feel satisfied and happy of a job well done. 

Dream BIG, Train Hard, Trust God.

Aren't we all in training! 

There is time for everything under the Heaven.

Balance your hours. Sleep, rest, stamp and bless. 

All will be well when you are done playing and go back to work hard. 

It is a happy day! Have you check Swirly Bird in the new catalog?

New Catalog is here! 

Creative Blessings,

Jessica Urrutia

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