May 13, 2016

Courage to LIVE FULLY

What were you made to do?!
Good question.

I have a natural tendency to create, sing, dance, make others belong. 
What about you?

Somewhere in between those lines is my calling in life and I have chosen to 

I have been learning something I LOVE and I am embracing….
"Everything you do, do it with excellence"

Oh, and have no fear! 

I am asking…and not being afraid of asking anymore.

Because I was never intended to do this alone.

I have a goal to build a team of demonstrators from now to September 30th. 

Are YOU one of them?

Become a demonstrator!
Last week I talked about my reason number 1: 
(click below* to check it out!)

Reason #2: Opportunities to Grow

In the last 6 years since I became a demonstrator I have the most wonderful relationships formed. But not only I grew in friends, also in knowledge and passion.
Passion to do what I love the most and keep sharing it with those who, like me, get so excited about stamps and papers.

Stampin'Up! offers many opportunities for me to grow. 
Let's talk a bit about Stampin'Connection and Conferences. 

Stampin'Connection is a website dedicated only to SU demonstrators from around the world. In it I have met beautiful crafters from Germany, Netherlands, Greenland, and areas in Europe. It's so fun! 

We all get connected and share projects, ideas and videos in this awesome website. We also give each other feedback and ask questions in different forums. 

Another great reason to become a demonstrator is the wonderful opportunity to meet many crafty friends at conferences like On Stage.Join swaps and receive awesome ideas for our hobbies and businesses.

Our next conference is coming soon in November 2016 and I am so excited to go with a team this time. Come with us!

I was never meant to do this alone. It suddenly clicked. 
I plan to attend my closest one in the USA! 

I need to ask, offer this wonderful experience to others and join hands to create beauty in our world.

To check more information on how to join click here.

Come back tomorrow for some cute sneak peeks from the New Catalog.
Swirly Bird Bundle brings a kite! Isn't that CUTE?!

Creative Blessings,

Jessica U.

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