Jan 8, 2016

Word of the Year: HOPE

About a month ago I prayed to God for the direction of my business.

I indeed inquired if I was done, or I was to keep moving forward.

I ask every single year. Not because I do not like what I do, I love it.

But because I ONLY want to work on that which produces fruit for His glory.

He gave me a word to bring forth. That word is simple yet powerful:


In November I went to an event. I asked myself why I was going, I had no desire to be there. But I knew the Lord wanted me to go.

Then HE answered me gently. You carry my Presence into that place. Go.

I realized that when I go places, I carry the Presence of the Almighty inside of me.

And He is "Christ in me, the HOPE of glory"(Col. 1:27).

We are not to carry sadness, we are not called to carry sorrow. We are not carriers of defeat or shame.

We were called to display the praises of Him who brought us from darkness (and despair) into his wonderful light (hope) (1 Pet. 2:9).

Let's then carry His hope in everything we do.

Let that be a simple smile, a simple RAK, a simple card.

Hope changes everything.

I want to be a carrier of Hope.

Join me in my journey to keep sharing hope one card at a time. One hug at a time. One smile at a time.

Be HOPEful!
"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!
In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living HOPE through the resurrection of jesus Christ from the dead. "
1 Peter 1:3

May His blessings overflow over you as you seek His ways, His Presence and creative ways to carry His hope in many ways.

Jessica U.
Love being your Stampin'UP! Independent Demonstrator.
Join me!


  1. Great post Jess about seeking and receiving all that we ask. I'm glad the Lord has given you the green light for another Year- His hope is everlasting!!

    1. Thanks my dear sis....miss you dearly. I keep trusting He will fulfill His plans in me and through me. The outcome belongs only to Him. BIG HUG...and tx f stopping by!

  2. Jessica, I missed reading this (beautiful) blog post but, I haven't stopped talking about you to my friends, and your entire way of finding your new word for each new year. I have been talking and talking about all of this! What a beautiful message and "writing in the sky, too...," where do you always find the perfect images???

    A beautiful entry, as always! You bring hope and the Lord to me, I do thank you from deep within for "all of you!"

    Blessings and love,

    1. Thanks Donna!
      You are a beautifup blessing to me. Keep the hope!! He is in charge.


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