Sep 9, 2014

My Events and Last days of Paper Pumpkin Half Off!

Hello my dear friends,

I am running getting my kids ready for their first day of Co-op. I am so sure they will have a blast. I hav so much to share with you! Give me a couple of days to get all things in order. It was such a wonderful weekend at the Danville's Crafts and Arts Fair. Met so many ladies. Will give you all the info here!

Don't forget, these are the lasted ays to take advantage of registering to My Paper Pumpkin for only half the price for two full months. Go here and enter HALFOFF2 and you will be billed half the price for both Sepetmeber AND October kits! Thats GREAT! Eeeek!

click to see bigger

I can't wait to stamp with all of you again. Pictures coming of my Arts and Crafts Fair. 
Tomorrow also tune in for some Paper Pumpkin inspiration.

Creative Blessings and have a beautiful day!

Jessica Urrutia…don't forget to RSVP for any of these!


  1. I am so in awe of you and hold such respect, appreciation and honor for you and all that you are able to manage. You learn well and put forth a fabulous effort at all that you touch. You are SUCH an inspiration, I don't even know how you can do it all, and all so well. Thank you my friend! May God continue to bless your life; you sure work hard at making it a wonderful one for all! In "awe," I tell you! XOXOX Thanks for sharing (and for teaching me things)!!!! Lots of love and hugs, Donna

    1. You are my inspiration! Look who's talking…you do amazing class, stamp a stacks!!! I admire you my friend.


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