Jan 24, 2013

Organization Tips: 12 x 12 paper and sketches

Happy Thursday everyone!
At last I got to hang my 12 x 12 Designer series paper on large bags.
I got these 2 gallon zipbags at United Supermarkets. They work great!
So happy to share!
Many people ask me repeatedly how do I do it all. I have a very full agenda and that's ok with me.
Where do I get my energy? From Heaven surely.
How do I plan my days? Daily.
What is my motto: Dream Big, Train Hard, Trust God
And my hope: "I can do all things (I've been called to do) through Christ who strengthens me". Philippians 4:13

Let me share what I found on my Iphone. An App (for children) called Drawing Carl. So cute! I even bought the upgrade for .99...I wanted more colors you know. Is easy to use and love having a sketch "notebook" at hand. What do you think of my sketchy idea? :)
So now that you know I have extra help (is Invisible thou). Let me share with you a few tips to excel in what you do. Let's do everything we do with joy, one thing at a time.  Stand on grace, give yourself grace...also, sleep!
I do what I do with certainty that I'm doing what I was born to do.
I love my life? Love your life and rejoice!
I cannot wait to hear from you! How do you currently organize your paper...and what about your sketches?
leave me a comment, is easy!
Jessica U.


  1. I love that idea to organize the paper. I've been looking for ways to organize mine because the way they are noy I don't even remember what I have. Thanks for sharing my friend. I love everything you do and i look foward to organize my paper. ;)

  2. What a great idea for your 12x12 paper storage; wonderful! Love your cute little sketches and "app" too, you are so inspiring! Your Q&A was awesome! Thanks for sharing yourself Jessica! God Bless! XO


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