Jan 31, 2013

Organization Tips: Brads and Buttons

Good day stampin' friends!

So how in the world do you organize a ton of buttons and brads?
First, do a garage sale and sell everything you don't like anymore (you will make a few bucks!). This is what I did after becoming a demo. I only have enough time to use what I want to show. Lol!
I tried different ways through the years so I will show you my way and the highway (other ways)!

I found these hanging bags (that you can fold and close with a velcro) about 5 years ago in a scrapbooking convention for about $10 each. I have no idea who carries them but if you see them and this method of storage works for you. Go for it. Nice eh!
Makeup/Cosmetic bags work too since they come with a hanger. See picture below.
I have more space to hang stuff than cabinets, drawers or shelves.

I used each of them different. Let me show you my Brads and Buttons one. The other two hold: All my embossing tools and powders, glittters and spritzers. The other (cosmetics one) holds a brad maker (I rarely use), cropadile and my stampin wheels. They hang  nicely from my baby's closet AKA my crafty supplies closet :).

On the top pocket I store the Stampin'Up! retired buttons and brads, and mini clothe hangers.
Second pocket from top I store my current colors brads
Third pocket from top I store my brights, subtles, neutrals and clear buttons
Forth/Bottom pocket I store my favorites...my Vintage Faceted buttons, Antique brads, mini silver brads and Natural Designer Buttons. Yikes! I love these!

It is easy for me to get in and out of the little closet and grab the one I want. It is see through, plus the Stampin'Up containers are too :). I don't have a ton of space for storage so this helps me to see what I have and if is getting too full, then maybe Im not using what I already have. HELLOO!!!

In the past I used to use these boxes (made for beads or pills). Now my oldest daughter, who loves to keep every button separated by color keeps hers in there.

Another easy way is just dump them all in a ziplock bag. Hey! It all depends on how organized you need to be to create. :)
I used to have containers similar to these below for eyelets...but I sold them at a garage sale. :/ Yeah! What was I thinking? Hehe. They work great to put inside a drawer. If you wish to divide all your brads and buttons by color this works good too. :)

Below is what Stampin'Up! carries to store embellishments and I love it. Since I get all my buttons and brads from Stampin'Up! it makes sense I get one of these someday. I'm waiting for the right time when I have a good spot for it. Having my baby's closet as my craft storage doesn't make it easy :(
Is ok...someday!

Stack & Store Caddy - by Stampin' Up!

Stack & Store Caddy109127
Price: $34.95
The Stack & Store caddy is the perfect way to store your small embellishments. It takes up very little room, yet holds so much. It turns completely around so you can easily find anything you’re looking for. Stores your buttons, brads, and anything packaged in the Stampin' Store containers (contents not included).

■ Stores 24 large containers or 48 small containers
■ Made of strong durable plastic
■ Die-cast aluminum handle for ease in turning
■ Approximately 6" in diameter and 12" tall
■ Swivel base allows unit to turn 360°

Next Thursday I'll have more organization tips for you! Would you rather see my ribbon organization, Big Shot dies or Cardstock? More to come.

How do you currently store your buttons and brads? By color? By brand? By size? By date of purchase? :)

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Creative blessings!

Jessica U.

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  1. Next thursday go for the cardstock and DSP ;) I'm loving your blog! Good information, ideas and Word. Keep the good work my friend.


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