Mar 20, 2012

Bless my soul, bless your Lord!!

Hola hola!!
Today is a new day!! Wonderful day for creating...isnt it interesting how in the world we get time to do the things we love. The Bible says "There is time for everything.." Love that!! Hate when people steal the joy out of a day saying " Oh, I don't have time to do that". What in the world?...if Iiiii CAN FIND TIME...well, oh, well then I kind of assume ANYBODY can do a little bit of creating a day. Is does good for the an apple to the body. Haha!! I think I got inspired, I may need to tell this to my blog readers today! (and Im doing it)
Today I wrote a song while playing on my keyboard.. Part of it says " Bless my soul,  Bless my soul, Bless your Lord, bless your Lord, Remember all His benefits, remember all His goodness" So today my dear friend, enjoy the day and bless the Lord...Remember how good He is and create to your hearts contentment. He has equip you with everything you need to succed. Nothing compares to the measure of His goodness. Go, be free to create something beautiful today...He is watching you!

(dear readers I wrote this note to a dear DEAR friend today...then I thought I'd better share this good news with someone else to give them the freedom (permission) to enjoy this day and create, create, going to get kids ready for the day... then a bit of creating, lol!!)

Dont you love to play??? I do! Here I played with a chunky champagne glitter. Oooh, never thought I could do this. I embossed my Fun flowers die cuts with my Big Shot and the Vintage Wallpaper EF, then a smeared some Tombow glue on each flower with a piece of plastic food wrap paper (formed into a ball). I actually placed the glitter on a powder pals tray and place my flowers with the adhesive on it. :-)
What do you think??
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Oops... I owe you the card with the flower from yesterday...running today, post it tomorrow...:-D
Go create!!


  1. Beautiful sentiment about time. I hear from my (grown) children all the time they are "too busy" or "don't have time." As you said, it's about making time and about what's important to you personally. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Sheri, so glad others like you take the time to breathe and meditate on the good we do have around us. Im thankful for your comment...hope you find time today to make something pretty for someone you love. Hugs!!


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